Seven for Sunday

This year has been one of my best. I want to share with everyone what helped me get to where I am at today. Seven positive things for Sunday 🙂

1.  This book. One of the best recommendations and reads…….”Codependent No More”



This book was recommended to me by my therapist. It really made me see things in such a different aspect. It made me start to realize how much I hated myself and needed to change that and start loving myself.  I HIGHLY reccomend this book to anyone dealing with someone that struggles with addiction in their lives. For myself it is my father and my XH. I needed to break this path…..I am finally doing it!

2.  This woman.  My mom.  She is my inspiration. Her strength, courage, and big heart have made the world of difference to me.  She is ALWAYS there to listen to me and never judges ❤mom and i

3.  Yoga…..ahhhh what more can I say!  This has really taught me to love myself and my body and to stop abusing it like I have for so many years!  Also, side note, I am LOVING my new Jade mat! ❤  what a difference a great mat can make.  I have the purple      jade

4.  Therapy.   This has really helped me think clearly and has FINALLY made me WANT to do things for me! I am beginning to

finally figure out what I like, don’t like, enjoy, want, etc, etc, etc. Its fun finding “me”……I like her!  I owe so much to my amazing therapist Geannine Lebude. She has made me do something I had a hard time with…..honesty.  To myself and to others. She has taught  me many techniques to really begin to LOVE myself again, as well as given it to me strait and forward when I was being stubborn or unrealistic.  A few months ago, my mother began to see her, and WHAT a difference I see in her. She is much more confident and happy.  If you are looking to make YOUR life better and finally LOVE yourself, I highly recommend Geannine 🙂  Feel free to email me with any questions!  dpageteach00@hotmail.com

*  Also like her on Facebook! Each Monday morning I look forward to her thought provoking quotes, questions and comments!! Each week it is something helpful and insightful!


Today’s Thought

“Good Morning, today I want to discuss acknowledging our abundance. I was reading a story today about a king who was blessed. He had riches, wives, armies, and land. One day he decided he wanted another man’s wife and he took her without regard to her or her husband. The man whose wife he took was one of his solders. He was loyal and honored the king. All he had was his wife and his duty to the king. In the end the king had this man killed in order to not disgrace himself for taking a woman that was married to another. This story is sad to me on many levels. But, I feel extremely sad for the king. He had more than anyone in the land, but he was still not satisfied. He abused his authority to take what was not his.

Do you ever look at what everyone else has and want what they have and feel like you are living in lack? Do you live with the belief that you are blessed and fortunate or do you always feel you should have more? I challenge you today take an inventory of all you have and decide to be grateful and rest in feeling satisfied.

Believing the best for you,


5.  Girlfriends.


 Something I’ve never had because I always ended up being an enabler, I was too worried and had to “take care” of others that my relationships were non-existent.  I have different types of friendships now.  All are special in their own way.  There really is nothing better than some “girl therapy”

6.  Hot Dogs.  Well…….this one 🙂

Lily the Dachshund.

She has taught me unconditional love ❤


7.  My students.


I teach K-3 self contained in a MD classroom. I have the BEST job ever. I learn so much from my students every day.  They teach me patience, passion, and how to look at life in a different way…….Sure, it is stressful and challenging at times, but this is where my heart is, and it would never have been possible without the mark of my amazing brother,


Matthew.  He was my motivation and will continue to always be.


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