Girls getaway from it all!

1374768513_keep-calm-and-schedule-some-girl-timeMy friend and I really needed some time “away” from our crazy , hectic, electronic induced (internet, iPhone, tv, etc!) lives. We found it at Bella Alpacas, an amazing little farm in New Milford, CT. It was such a gem! It was a great little getaway from “reality”. It makes you appreciate your life and how our every day routines really consume us and what is important! In fact, I strive for a simple, happy, and great life like the owners. There are no TV’s in the room or WiFi, therefore you can NOT check emails, watch the news, etc 🙂 Back to simplicity and peace. I LOVED It! It can def. be hard for some, but I already practice some of that at home, so it was not too difficult for me. (No bragging on Facebook until we got home! 🙂 )

My review

Our room was fantastic. Very clean and comfortable. Cool, roomy and pure comfort. The bed! It looked like tree logs! I did not smell the farm or animals at all in our bedroom. There was a slight scent in the common room downstairs, however I actually liked it (others may not). The common room was so cute! Tons of books (the funny “joke” book is not that funny 🙂 ) , games, a tv (which we never turned on) native american decor, tables, coffee, etc. It was adorable!


IMG_1764 IMG_1749IMG_1740

Each morning we were greeted by a beautiful display on our plates and table settings! Day 1 we had a muffin with a sweet, delicious watermelon slice. Sal is an amazing chef!! He asked us how we’d like our fresh, organic eggs, we told him to surprise us, and we were in awe! My friend and I both agreed they were the BEST eggs we ever had.  Day 2 organic yogurt, granola with red, white and blue berries (to celebrate July 4th!) and sweet cantaloupe and of course the cheesy eggs!  (assorted muffins, bagels, bread, jams, peanut butter, nutella, orange juice, cider, coffee, water, butter, cream cheese )  They even offered Almond milk for my coffee! I absolutely LOVED this place. The simple yet pleasing and healthy food topped it off and made me feel like I was doing great for my body!vegetable-omelet

In fact Wed evening, out of NOWHERE, my friend said “I really cant wait for our eggs tomorrow morning~” lol. Scrambled, light, fluffy, just enough cheese. AMAZING! Sal would not share his secret (I don’t blame him!) Nico (their son) would come in each morning to watch and help dad. He is the sweetest, most well behaved young man. He absolutely LOVED my dog, and she loved him in return (Thank you Nico for tiring her out for our return trip home!!)

The location is perfect. Far enough away to relax but close enough to everything.

Things we did:

-explored the farm and alpacas, they are amazing!

IMG_1732 IMG_1734 IMG_1735 IMG_1736 IMG_1737
-yoga with Judy , she is incredible and the studio is beautiful!! (she even helped me perfect my headstand!)
– nearby hike  and dip in the waterfalls at Kent Falls (this is a must!) GorgeousIMG_1765 IMG_1822 IMG_1766 IMG_1776 IMG_1780 IMG_1798 IMG_1808


20140705-123837-45517822.jpg– kayaking (local company by Lake waramaug) $10 per hour $50/60 per day for single kayaks
– a visit to hear the nuns chant at Abbey of Regina Laudis


IMG_1844 IMG_1845 IMG_1846 IMG_1848 IMG_1847

– stopped by BIG Y for some yummy food we were able to heat up at “home” (local supermarket)

Big Y 10-2010
– Hopkins winery (beautiful)



IMG_1719 IMG_1725 IMG_1728 IMG_1713 IMG_1714 IMG_1715 IMG_1717-searched for fairies 🙂
– coffee, coffee, coffee,

-Kent Chocolate shop (yum)

Thanks to my friend that is an AMAZING driver, we pretty much did all of the above in ONE DAY!!!


I would absolutely love to come back. Beautiful, peaceful and relaxing getaway with an amazing family. They were always available for us, yet we felt like we were alone and felt like it was really “our” home…My favorite time was early morning. I would grab my coffee and walk around the farm with Lily, the doxie. We’d explore, and breathe in the air, and just think 🙂 Loved it!






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