“How To Get a Body Like Beyonce….”


On my flight to New Orleans, I opened up my magazine and the FIRST article I came across was titled “How to get your body like Beyonce’s”. I quickly turned the page and quite honestly felt a bit irritated. WHY do you need or want to look like anyone but yourself? What is good, healthy and right for YOU may not be right for the next person. Its difficult NOT to compare, but once you start trusting yourself, your decisions and your body you will be heading for a much more fulfilling and happy life. For me, its comparing the amount of food I eat. I am hungry. ALL THE TIME. I can eat a lot. I feel like I can eat more than most people. Whether that’s true or not, who knows and who cares. I need to eat what my body wants, what it asks for, what it craves. What one person wants, eats, needs, wants should be of no concern to anyone else.

I am trying to listen, trust and honor my body each day. It is definitely a struggle, and you can help too by slowly STOPPING comparing yourself to others, whether its food, size, career, money, life goals, etc.

Worry about yourself. Take care of yourself. Nurture, love and respect yourself. Ultimately the person next to you is too concerned about their own issues to even notice what is on your plate, or what size is on your tag 🙂


How will YOU choose something for yourself and yourself only today?

What is your favorite flavor ice cream?

Ice cream cones, Sprinkled Ice cream cones

(I am craving rainbow sprinkles right now!!)

I am going to eat what I want, when I want and as much as I want……I might just finish ALL the Parmesan crusted green bean fries (freshly picked from my cousins garden)

Maybe Ill have 2 ice cream cones, or 3, or 4……..maybe tomorrow morning I will have two servings of my infamous overnight oats with extra gooey peanut butter. I will eat what i crave…..finally ❤





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