2014 Summer Bucket List

My Summer Bucket List


Summer Bucket List


  • Yoga at the Philadelphia Art Museum  (Heres the info!)    http://www.philamuseum.org/wednesdaynights
  • Hiking with Lily (and other 4 legged friends!)wrapped up
  • Kayaking
  • Paint some pottery
  • spend a night at the shore alone with lily, bike in the morning
  • Pocono’s get away , hike, bike, etc
  • Meditate (successfully!)
  • go to a fancy restaurant , alone!, and order some amazing food
  • yoga, hiking retreat with AMC
  • see a movie
  • spend a day on the beach, reading
  • visit New Orleans
  • pet an alpaca
  • try new local fresh fruits and veggies
  • cook new things
  • BBQ at my parents
  • Have MORE soft serve ice cream (with jimmies!)
  • read the newspaper (at least on weekends)

YOUR turn!!

What is on YOUR bucket list?

Favorite flavor ice cream?

Do you enjoy reading?

What is your favorite summer book read?


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