Cooking fun





I am having so much fun creating, making and most of all EATING delicious new foods and recipe creations! I’m really digging breakfast foods for breakfast lunch anddddd dinner!! My favorite!

So many jersey fresh, ripe and amazing fruits and veggies are in season how could I not!

Last night I made a Jersey Frittata. Organic eggs, asiago cheese, Jersey zuchinni , onions and my new favorite…..jersey tomatoes sliced thin on top! Omgggg how did I not like tomatoes before?????

This morning I wanted pancakes…. So I made silver dollar beauties pictured above. I did not have maple syrup so I whipped up a peanut butter topping with some banana. It was delicious BUT def missing something. Not the pancakes. They were perfect. The topping. Just didn’t quite make me jump out of my seat… I don’t know maybe some chocolate chips or mix

the banana in the batter….I know….syrup! I think that’s what I needed. Next time. Trial and error!

How are YOU enjoying the fresh local produce?


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