My thoughts on PECS

These PECS…..



NOT these 🙂


PECS. (Picture Exchange Communication System).  Last night instead of meditating (One day i will be able to!)  I found myself pondering about PECS.  As a special ed teacher PECS are discussed all the time.  They have been VERY helpful and useful in the classroom and for communication at home.  The problem is………they are difficult to use in the “real world”.  I go back and forth all the time about how I feel about PECS.  I have come to terms with the fact that I think they are useful and purposeful IF used correctly AND eventually (if possible) faded out.  Realistically my students will not be carrying around a pecs board with them to the store, movie theater, park, etc.  Not to mention, if they approached another child on the playground with a PECS board, the child would probably not understand.  Isnt this the whole purpose of PECS to promote communication? Please don’t get me wrong. I think they are fabulous!!  I guess I just feel that we need to focus on eventually weaning them out and teaching other skills that are easier to use in the “real world”.  In a perfect world, I wish EVERYONE understood ASD (autism spectrum disorder)  Children (and adults) with ASD are smart, bright, intelligent and amazing all around.  They just think differently.  We need to change OUR thinking so that we can relate, communicate and understand more how a person on the asd spectrum thinks and reasons.  We always push for “ASD world” to conform to our societies standards………When will society start conforming and be willing to accept DIFFERENT means of thinking?


Just a thought.
What are your thoughts on PECS?


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