“Sundae” thoughts….

Happy Sunday!  Ahhhhhhhh, I never really liked Sundays but really LOVE them now!! Today I plan on:


  • yoga
  • take Lily for a walk
  • weekly food prep (to make my week easier!)
  • TJ Max, Home Goods, etc.  Looking for house things!
  • finish my lesson plans
  • prep for the week
  • journal
  • who knows what else!!

My weekend highlights:


  1. Outdoor Yoga


This was absolutely fantastic! I am so grateful that my yoga instructor invited me and introduced me to this!! We met at Freedom park in Medford. It was a great group led by Stephanie from Outdoor Yoga of South Jersey. She is absolutely fabulous!  It was so much fun being outdoors. The weather was perfect, not to hot, a great breeze.  I was a bit nervous at first because we were on the grass. My balance is already “off”, I thought it would be worse on uneven ground BUT to my surprise (and assurance from Stephanie) it was even BETTER! She was right, I was able to “ground” into the earth better and really grip the ground! Birds were chirping, bugs buzzing and …….cameras were rolling………huh?  Yes.  Channel 6 news came out to tape the event 🙂  Poor Stephanie! She was nervous (but honestly you could NOT tell!!)


I highly recommend this to anyone! Its great for all levels.  Beginner to advanced. I love her style and her “flow”.  I will definitely be going back! I hope to see YOU there as well!!

2.  Ice Cream Festival


Yesterday I was super excited to check out the Ice Cream Festival in Toms River.  It was pretty much a disappointment, just not what I expected at all.  I thought there would be more crafts, vendors and…….ICE CREAM!?!?!  You had to purchase a tasting ticket to try little samples of ice cream. The lines were ridiculously long, for a spoonful of ice cream.  Not to mention the LINE to purchase a tasting ticket was 50 bananas longs! (haha)

I was NOT going to let that ruin my day.  The ride to the festival was enjoyable and relaxing. I was able to take Lily with us , and she enjoyed the attention and walk (and some unidentifiable food she found on the ground!).  **Sidetracking….Lily gets SOOOO much attention!! I seriously can not walk 2 feet without being stopped! 

Sooooo, I decided although I was disappointed, it was a learning experience. I also know that THINGS do not make a “great time”. You have to make it satisfying for yourself! So i took what I could from the event andddddddddddd we decided to take a short drive to the Seaside heights boardwalk for some Italian Sausage and …………ICE CREAM!

midway sausage

I had a black and white twist in a cup (I do not like cones! They drip and are messy, etc)  My mom had her favorite, orange and vanilla twist. Of course we went to Kohrs!  It was D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S! I can not believe how many years I deprived myself of this goodness!! What a difference REAL ice cream has!! It was fun to eat, people watch , and hide Lily in my pocket book (her head was popping in STILL causing attention!)  So i am STILL listing this as a highlight, because, i got to spend it with my two favorite girls, ate ice cream and relaxed!! Can NOT go wrong!!

twist icecream

3.  Jersey Tomatoes………(very thinly sliced)



4.  Receiving a text from friend telling me how much she enjoys my blog 🙂

happy habits_0

5.  Talking with these girls….

aug1 IMG_1740


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