Links I <3

Many bloggers love to share their favorite reads from the week. I’m jumping on the bandwagon 🙂


30 Statements Every Woman Should be Honestly Able to Say statements – these are perfect and so true, my favorite . “When I realize I don’t enjoy something about my life, I work to change it.”

Parents of children with autism are more likely to have some of the traits associated with autism than…. thoughts?  (i thought this was very interesting!)

I am probably the LEAST flexible person BUT you know what, that is ok 🙂 I do not need to compare myself to anyone, but me 

From $621 per night, I would love to spend my birthday night here…….lol not gonna happen 🙂 Its ok!!

YUM!  I specifically went out to get Old Bay seasoning and forgot it!! Grrrr, i WILL be making this tomorrow thought!

What is your love language?

I actually did all of these this weekend! 

I completely agree, these three things are so important!

I think this is my new favorite coffee, watch out starbucks!

what NOT to say to someone you think or know is recovering from an eating disorder

25 ways to encourage your children, besides “good job!”

I like this print for my kitchen! How cute!







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