Thankful Thursday

Ahhhhh. Thursday. Finally. All week I tend to look forward to the weekend and sort of dread my week. I’ve decided to stop that. I am the only one that can Change it. Why can’t I enjoy mon-thurs. Just as much as Friday or Saturday???? I can. I am the only one that can make that happen.

So. I am thankful it is Thursday , but I am also grateful and thankful for……

1. My job /career. Yes there are days it’s stressful and challenging, but yhT makes the special moments even better. I meet wonderful students that teach me something everyday

2. My pup. She is my baby. She makes me smile (and crazy). I am really excited to try out her new bike seat this weekend!!!! Weeeeee

3. Wholefoods. Yup. I love the location. Love their products and love trying new things.

4. My cousin. I feel like he really gets me. Maybe we get each other.

5. The 80 degree weather. Perfect for walks

6. Hummingbirds. I love watching these guys as I drink my coffee and read the paper each morning

7. Fridays OFF. I need a break from kids. All kids. All people, in fact

8. Oatmeal. Seriously. How did I ever enjoy breakfast without oats

9. Jersey fresh fruits and veggies. Mmmm nuff said

10. Coffee. No explanation needed

11. My car. I love it. I love keeping it clean. It makes me happy and feel good and safe.

12. To do lists. Good old fashioned pen and paper to do lists. This helped me stay focused and anxiety free this morning. Nothing better than crossing things off!!

13. Long talks with my mom. Instantly feel better

14. Journaling.


15. My godson and nephews. Seeing their innocence makes me smile…..and remember the ease of being a kiddo.



16. The 24 oz coffee. Yup. Just right.

17. My new veggie spiraler that came today. Woooooo finally

18. My health. I will continue to take of myself the best I can

19. My student L, running and idling and PLAYING on the playground with a FRIEND. Made me smile on the inside and out. True genuine happiness with socializing.

20. Flowers. Fresh from moms garden.

What are you grateful for today?



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