Perfectly Picky


Am I picky? Or am I striving for perfectionism? I feel one is healthy and the other not so much. I think I have always strived for perfectionism and I believe that is where a lot of my problems start.

I want to be the perfect friend, perfect daughter, perfect teacher, perfect person, eat the perfect foods and make the perfect choices all the time . PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT

I have learned the hard way that perfectionism is not a great thing. What is perfect for me may not be perfect for you and that is okay. Instead of being perfect I choose to be picky now

So what am I picky about?
I choose to be picky about tomatoes. I want a perfect tomato for my sandwich if I am going to have one, mediocre is not okay. It does not have to look perfect but it needs to be perfectly right


I choose to be picky about my apples. I like them to be the right size and without bruises


I choose to be picky about my friends. I realize we cannot all be alike and I choose to be picky about what I can accept and what I cannot


I choose to be picky about the food I feed my dog. I do not need to explain my reasons or justify I just need you to accept it and follow my wishes



I choose to be picky about the way I run my classroom. I really do love what I do and my goal is to make the best of it for myself and my students. I choose to teach real life skills that will benefit my students in the long run


I finally choose to be picky about men I date. I choose to be picky about demanding respect, loyalty, trust, and communication.


I choose to be picky about shampoo. I like to take care of my hair it makes me feel good about myself


I choose to be picky about demanding my quiet time. I need it more than others do maybe or maybe not


I choose to be picky about the food I put in my body. A recent scare has made me realize the importance of eating well. I choose to put whole foods ,good foods ,full fat foods in my body because my body needs it.


I choose to be picky about my time. I like to allocate my time for different things that is what makes me feel best

I choose to be picky about flowers. I like flowers that make me feel good and happy and I think are pretty for my tables


Instead of being perfectly fine with myself ,all these years I’ve been trying to be perfect for everyone else.
Lily, just like me, may not have the perfect body, perfect hair, perfect personality, perfect manners, etc. but she is perfect for me. Just like I am perfect for me, you are perfect for you.

You may think I choose to be picky about silly things or you may agree with some, all or most of my choices. It’s okay. I choose to be picky about the way I let things affect me . You can tell me the truth and hurt my feelings and I will get over it and I choose to do the same for you

Being picky is perfectly okay.

Your turn

What is one food you are very picky about?

What is the quality of a friend you are picky about?

What do you wish you were “pickier” about?



2 thoughts on “Perfectly Picky”

  1. 1) One food i am picky about is salad dressings – it makes or breaks a salad for me.
    2) About friends – probably picky about being real! I am older now and there are less and and less ‘real’ friends in your life, so to me the ones I surround myself with are those that in my own sense I would say are ‘real’, being ‘real’ and just comfy to be real with me and all my faults, because we all have them!
    3) I WISH I were pickier about consistency (in all aspects – work/homelife/organization/personal life) – i get in my modes and can sense when I am there, but if I stayed consistent with one thing then i would probably feel more successful in the subject – i am somewhat flighty and wish i wasn’t from time to time!


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