Tow path biking

So my bike basket for Lily arrived! I could not wait to hit the road! So after the rain yesterday I grabbed lily, the bike and the basket and headed to Lambertville/new hope! Wow. What a gorgeous ride!

I had some trouble getting the basket on the bike. It kept hitting my tire. I wanted to cry. After an our of sweating and struggling a very nice couple saw me and jumped right in to help! It was so nice! It really made me feel good! There really are some good people out there! Makes me believe. Also makes me realize that I need to be more aware of people around me and help when I can. Karma.

After some thinking, tweaking And strapping we were on our way …..finally!


Lily absolutely loved it! I am so happy she enjoys it! She loved seeing all the animals and of course all the attention, which she gets a lot of.

The homes and flowers along the canal are just breath taking!









I will definitely be back. It is gorgeous. I wanted to take lily to an outdoor restaurant for dinner….but a Saturday night in new hope….just was not happening.

I got home after 10! Lily and I were both starving! Luckily whole foods was still open and the accommodated me! Woooohoo (finished up my pad Thai with chicken from whole foods )

The employees at whole foods are amazing! Love them!!

Although the day did not go quite as planned it was fabulous . Serene. Relaxing. No agenda. No anxiety. Just me and the canal (and lily)


Where is your favorite place to bike ride??


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