“Un”-Manic Monday

“Just another manic Monday…..wish it were….”


Enough! Why can’t Monday be just as great as Sunday (or Saturday) for that matter?!

It definitely can be. YOU are the only one that can make that possible. My goal is to love every day. I plan on doing that by making sure I plan or do some exciting things during the week.

Some weekend highlights for me:

1. Tow path bike ride along the canal in New Hope/Lambertville. (With Lily!)


2. Crabbing with mom and dad (great work dad! Mom and I sat in the car and read the paper. Brrrrr too cold and rainy for us! (Lucky crabs) I JUST bought old bay seasoning over the weekend for a recipe I had….was happy to share it with mom. Huge tin of it!


3. Coffee date:). Yup. It was good!! ( the date AND coffee!!)


4. Cooking! I made some delicious things with jersey fresh tomatoes!










5. Caught up on my blogs! Here are a few of my favorite reads!
do runners really need a walk break?

The 20 healthiest foods

10 things happy people never do

Best books for introverts

more books

could you use a technology break?


reminds me of my perfect or picky post

Your turn

1. What is one weekend highlight you have?

2. How will you make Monday just as good as Sunday?


6 thoughts on ““Un”-Manic Monday”

  1. 1) My one weekend highlight was taking a quiet walk with my coffee
    2) I will make Monday just as good as Sunday by going to the pool after work and practicing our swimming (if not raining). If raining, then we will perhaps jump puddles ?!?!


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