Tuesday Thoughts

Tuesday Thoughts


Life – what I am thinking about……….


  • Yesterday I had a doctors appointment, in which I had to get weighed…………Guess what? I could CARE less! ! ❤ what an awesome feeling!  FEELING STRONG


  • I am pretty much thinking I have officially “lost it”.  I took Lily (the pup) out again for a bike ride.  I didn’t anticipate the ride being so far and tiring  LOL  I learned my lesson.  I got some odd looks (especially by police officers) But I DON’T CARE, I love it, Lily loves it, if you think I am a dork, so be it!!


  • 20140729-075617-28577654.jpg

    The above fact may or may NOT be the reason I get a second date. I am leaning towards NO second date…..after I told him one of my hobbies was “Riding my bike with my dog”….His loss!

  • I want my life to be clutter free. Therefore I want my house AND classroom to be clutter free.  Each day I plan on trashing/donating one thing I have not used in over a few months.  Even if it is hard….
  • Two days until my birthday getaway!! Weeeee , so excited!! I need to pack, plan and go!


  • What I should get for my birthday dessert? Cake, cupcake, cheesecake, ice cream cake? Decisions decisions!! So excited!



Love– I have decided. I will NOT settle until I can find someone that loves me like my mother does.  Talk about true love. That woman is selfless. She has taught me so much. I will never settle for anything less


 Few great reads:


The guy you date vs. the guy you Marry 


best friends


Simple Berry Compote (Waffle/Pancake Brunch Party, what an awesome idea!)






1.  what one thing can you get rid of today that you can either donate or trash?

2.  reading tips? I seriously can NOT sit down and read.  I am ok with informative reads (like self help,e tc) but can NOT read a book for pleasure!  What are you currently reading? Any tips ?  Did you always enjoy reading?

3.  What is your favorite dessert?


6 thoughts on “Tuesday Thoughts”

  1. Hmmm why on earth would someone NOT like that you ride with your pup!! Shoot, Id do everything with my babies if I was allowed to lol
    And isn’t NOT caring about your weight such a freeing and beautiful feeling? I never even bother to look at my weight anymore at the doctors, because it just DOESNT MATTER!! 🙂


  2. 1) I need to get rid of all the leftover’s in my refrigerator…i can’t seem to throw away food I prepared.
    2) Start with magazines and let that get you into the zone, and then ask for recommendations based on what you feel like reading about (ie. love story, drama, the newest bestseller)
    3) Favorite dessert – hands down – WAWA’s Coffee Cinnamon like Roll – my brother and I devour these so when we get a coffee we always get one together and we are in pure heaven!


  3. Aweee thanks (about the dog comment lol) and I never thought i would not care about my weight. Looks like it finally has come. There are so much better things to worry and think about!


  4. 1. I am a digital hoarder and I went through and organized all my teaching resources on dropbox (and I’m figuring out google drive) from various media so it is all in one place and deleted it from others so I’ll count that. But other than that, I need emergency organizational help in my life.
    2. I like satirical books with short essays that way I can read like 4 at a time and put it down without being stuck with a cliffhanger. David Sedaris is my favorite.
    3. Tiramisu

    P.S. Does Lily have a helmet too?:)


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