I did it! Part one

Something on my bucket list. Travel alone. Dine alone. Explore alone

I love it

Well technically I was not alone…..

I forgot how much I love it here. So beautiful. Peaceful. Serene. Just what a wanted after a long LOUD week!


I am staying at the Ocean mansion b&b bed and breakfast. Wow. Perfect location and it’s so girly and fun. We love it !

The room is adorable and perfect for us. So many cute little touches. I really feel special.

Bathroom basket. How convenient!


Bubble bath and fire?


Lights off and look up (on the ceiling) To watch tv ( real housewives of nj was on in the background while I read)


I’m in love with this painting!


Dinner. It was ok. I was starving. I needed to find a dog friendly place. It was late. Did I mention I was hungry? We walked to the famous Chatterbox restaurant on 9th. Great outdoor seating. Not crowded at all!

The food. Meh. Little disappointed. I really was craving a burger with Swiss and fries onions. So that’s what I got. With sweet potato fries and lots of ketchup. The burger was great and cheesy. The fries were a disappointment. Most were soggy. :(. It’s ok! I’m just proud of myself for eating it (all) and being able to critique it! The best burger I have had by FAR is my aunt Irene’s!


Lily had a dish of vanilla frozen yogurt.




I was still hungry. I wanted a bday treat. It was late. Was not sure if I would be pleased with dessert there so I decided to walk around and see what I could find. I found it! Ice cream. REAL ice cream (so much better!). I got a triple scoop chocolate chocolate chip. Wow. It was incredible. Def worth the trip itself. They were so nice and dog friendly! Not all places are. When traveling with the pup, it’s hard. We are not always welcome. Props to Hobby Horse Ice cream parlor! This place needs to be on the ice cream bucket list!


Here’s the beauty!


Love the porch. Great seating options for coffee, breakfast, people watching ! It smells so good too! Citronella candles and breakfast cooking!!!!



I loved all the coffee mug choices (and huge assortment of teas and creamers

Here’s my pick for the day!!





The owner is so sweet! She was getting breakfast ready while I had my coffee:)

Breakfast. Wow. Omg.

Started off with fresh grapefruit juice, fruit salad and a muffin!




The main course was unbelievable! Scrambled eggs, bacon and the best part …..cinnamon roll French toast. Omg! Best I ever had. This beats the New Orleans breakfast. By far!


Off to read a bit , shower and get ready for the day ahead …..to be continued…..


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