Birthday getaway -part 2

Friday I was finally able to relax. That is all I wanted for my birthday. No stress or anxiety. If you suffer from anxiety you know what I am talking about. I have moments where I finally feel relaxed. Friday was one of them.

After breakfast (yum). I went back to the beautiful room to enjoy it a bit more. Lilly kept me up the entire night barking and whining ! I guess because we were in a new place or maybe her tummy hurt from all the ice cream she ate. Oops.

Anyway check out was at 10 AM and I was definitely not going to let this place slip me by!! I was here to relax and rest and that is what I did.

For the next hour or so I laid in my pretty purple comfy bed and read my blogs read some of the cute books around the room and enjoyed another cup of coffee. Lily of course was sleeping

I finally got up and showered and experimented with all the cute little items provided

I braided my hair through on my sneakers packed up my things and hit the door.

I assembled my bike and made sure that my little pet seat was attached nice and safely for Lilly.

There was a local dog beach nearby and since I was stuck with the little much for the day I figured we would go and check it out.

I am so happy we did!! We both had such a great time, it was a small beach but it did the job!





I hopped back on my bike and we were on our way once again. I have always wanted to explore and see the nearby beaches like Margate long port and Ventnor so what better way to see and explore them by bike.

The bikepath and roads are beautiful perfect and safe. It is very bike friendly it made me so happy definitely worth the experience. Here are some bike paths in the area if you are interested!

Our first stop was to visit Lucy!


The homes are worth seeing alone. They are absolutely beautiful!

432782_1_1406057983 DSC_3703 SJSR393392


On the way back I stopped at the top of one of several bridges we had to ride across.

12575759 IMG_4396 Photo14-ContractB-AerialProjectView-LookingNorth


******Let me just say this now the bridges are not for the light of heart. Going up is very difficult and very tiring. Going down is well worth it and a lot of fun




On the bike ride back I took my time and stopped to visit many of the little local outdoor boutiques that were having sidewalk sales

I finally ended at a dog friendly restaurant for lunch in Ocean City. I wanted to go to Bongo but when I got there they turned me down because it was sprinkling. they would not allow me to eat outside and definitely would not allow Lilly inside. I was a bit bummed but found a very nice place to eat instead and I am happy I did. I decided on Yanni’s cafe.

It was a cute little Mediterranean restaurant they had outdoor seating and were very accommodating.
My waitress brought Lily some water and after she calmed down and the people stopped making a big deal of her she finally sat down LOL

I ordered the lentil soup. It was absolutely delicious

It was so “lentilly”, if that is even a word LOL

My tummy hurt a bit from all the ice cream fries and cheese I ate the night before so I decided to go with a salad. My body is more used to those

I ordered the Oriental chicken salad it was absolutely delicious
It had peanuts, cranberries, mandarin oranges, lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, and delicious chicken. The dressing was very Asian inspired and peanutty. It was perfect I have been on a peanut kick lately

20140802-085310-31990165.jpgI had such an amazing and relaxing birthday.  I learned that I really do enjoy traveling alone, because I am really NOT alone.  I can talk to whomever I want, do whatever I want, eat whatever I want.  Its my life 🙂



1.  What is your most memorable birthday?

2.  Do you prefer alone time, or time with others?

3.  Tell me one thing you plan on doing this rainy weekend?


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