Saturday Wants (Or Wishes!)


What I am currently working on, OR wanting to work on

Making a wreath like this

Here it is! Thank you Marissa for the idea! Super easy!

Deciding how to paint my moms hope chest!! I plan on making a window seat with cushions on it for reading by the window !

3e85eee52282539627d0be12b67e8ef9 100_5189 c155c1525e060f631091427596b0f7f7 photo-49 Picture-0223


What color ?


What fabric?


Decisions, decisions!


I want to try an Elvis donut

Ways to organize my classroom.  I really do NOT feel like thinking about this at all. This year I want to be more organized.  It will make my life so much easier in the long run! Any tips or help will be greatly appreciated!







I want to try this easy bow bun

I really love cooking! I want to take some classes here

I love the French macaron class and knife skills would be very useful!

I want to be awake for my date tonight! Whyyyyy do I get up so early??? Oh yeah. Because I love it!


I wish I could rely LESS in coffee. I need it. All the time.

Are you a coffee addict?

Are you working on any projects?

What is one thing you have always wanted to do?


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