“Un-manic” Monday #2

How did you make your Monday “un manic”?

I loved today because I woke up and chose to LOVE it. I look forward to the little things …..like my Wawa coffee, newspaper and warm gooey oatmeal !


One thing that gets me off to a great start is looking people right in the eye when I speak to them….this happens at ….wawa. Since they are my first encounters for the day, and great practice!

Looking people right in the eyes when you speak gives you confidence and makes you feel great. Powerful. Special. We are all those things , stop selling yourself short. I teach my students the importance of this ALL THE TIME, yet I rarely have the confidence to practice it myself!

(The above picture is KIND OF how I feel the wawa people see me……….lol)


Need help with improving your confidence and eye contact?


Or wanna pick up that hottie?  

Some days I will buy a stranger a cup of coffee. I make sure to leave before they see me. I’m sure it makes them smile and feel good and hopefully pay it forward. It makes me feel really good.

How will you pay it forward today?

Who knew WAWA would have such an impact on my day!!

Some “un manic” highlights

The “Hope”(Chest)
My mom and I “don’t need a man”  Honestly, I am still NOT sure how we did it……….We were both wearing dresses and I had the wonderful idea of bringing the hope chest to my house NOW to make a window seat for myself (and Lily’s) morning coffee!  How fun will it be to drink my coffee and look outside in the morning! 🙂

Anyway, my poor little mom, I do not know where she has the energy. After a day of yoga, shopping and running around, this SUPERwoman managed to help me get this inside my SECOND story condo!!  Hopefully the neighbors were NOT watching…..we must have looked pretty silly (or crazy) wearing dresses, lugging this huge chest up the steps………undies showing and all! (LOLOL)


I love her! ❤  We DID IT!!  Now I just need to get some cute pillows and a throw rug (these are just from my couch)


2. Instead of running or working out …. This is what I was doing ….and it’s ok because I felt great and productive ….sort if the same high running would give me.

My kitchen wall art gallery.

Total cost  = $6!!!! Yup!



If you would like the free prints above, I found them here


The bathroom art.

Total cost= free! (Here’s the link)




My living room collage…..total cost= free (here)



Your Turn


1.  What is your favorite flavor of coffee from Wawa?

2.  Do you have any art that “inspires” you or is meaningful to you?

3.  Have you ever done a random act of kindness?


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