Wiggle , Drink and breath :)


Each year on August 6, people around the country celebrate National Wiggle Your Toes Day by going barefoot, wearing sandals or flip flops, as it is all about showing off your toes and giving them some exercise!

* In 2011, while on vacation in Hawaii, the President was actually seen sporting his flip flops in public. *

Today, let your toes feel the grass, the sand on the beach, the water in the pool or the pebbles along the shore.


Within our research, we were unable to find the creator and origin of National Wiggle Your Toes Day, an unofficial” national holiday.


Each year on August 6, people around the country order (or make) a root beer float, drink up, enjoy and celebrate National Root Beer Float Day.  Root beer floats are NOT just for kids !

Also known as the “Black Cow” a root beer float is made up of root beer and vanilla ice cream.

Frank J. Wisner of Cripple Creek, Colorado, gets the credit for inventing the “Black Cow”  way back in August of 1893.

One night, as Wisner, owner of the Cripple Creek Cow Mountain Gold Mining Company, was staring out the window and thinking about the line of soda waters that was producing for the citizens of Cripple Creek, he came upon an idea.  The full moon that night that was shining on the snow capped Cow Mountain reminded him of a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  He hurried back to his bar and added a scoop to the children’s favorite flavor of soda, Myers Avenue Red root beer, tried it, liked it and served it the very next day.  It was an immediate hit.

Wisner named the new creation, “Black Cow Mountain” but the local children shortened the name to “Black Cow“.

Since their creation, thousands of root beer floats are enjoyed around the country each day.

See  http://awrestaurants.com/rootbeerfloatday  for more information regarding National Root Beer Float Day.



National Fresh Breath Day was created to appreciate oral hygiene and it’s importance.   Dentists and oral care professionals hail this day as a day dedicated to fighting bad breath.

Remember to brush and floss regularly, drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol to get a jump start on fresh breath!

Happy National Fresh Breath Day!


Ok, now that we got THAT out of the way , I need YOUR help!!  Please help me decide which pillow tops to get for my new living room addition. The off white/distressed hope chest 🙂








5.2Please give me your input via facebook, comment here or email me!!!!!


Other FUN stuff 🙂



So simple and cute – simple is always best. If you have kids or are a teacher looking for something cute…. 



Are you in an unhealthy relationship? Love these signs and tips. So simple but eye opening! 



Speaking of Truths…..Its hard to admit the truth t the most important person at times….YOURSELF.  What can you say out loud that you can finally admit?  I have so many things I have felt ashamed of for so long. Finally putting it out in the open has made me work through and over come so many…. 

10 ways to recognize orthorexia

My truth……..I work out/exercise/run to burn calories or make up for food I eat, NOT to feel good, because I want to, or that its good for ME. This is something I have had a hard time admitting.  I have realized I do NOT enjoy certain things, and enjoy others. I am trying to focus on being happy, healthy and having fun and NOT beating my body up.  Seriously, its getting SOOOOO much better and easier!! I NEVER thought I would say that.

Some days I exercise, some days do not. However my exercise is no longer obsessive or “punishing”. I am not pushing my body or beating it up. I am doing simple things, taking lily for a walk, light yoga, or….NOTHING.  I am finding so many other things I enjoy to do.  This truth has been very enlightening and eye opening!  

15 lies we tell ourselves – Do you do these??

Do you give the silent treatment?

Summer is almost over 😦 Make sure to capture those special moments , take incredible pictures

Yoga on horseback!!! I am totally adding this to my bucket list for this summer!


Tons of cucumbers, this looks FABULOUS!



1.   Do you celebrate/recognize any silly holidays?

2.  What is one of YOUR truths?

3.  What are you looking forward to?


3 thoughts on “Wiggle , Drink and breath :)”

  1. 1) I recognize my kids half birthdays 🙂
    2) My truth is that I wish I didn’t have to work for 3-5 months (call me lazy for that- really not, just want to have some time to do things other than what i have been doing for 15 years) so that I can see what it is like to be a stay at home mom
    3) Looking forward to my Myrtle beach trip.


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