Thankful Thursday # 2

Thankful Thursday

Gossip – This has been on my mind lately.








  1. Do you do it? I think we are all guilty of gossiping. It is def. something I would like to try to eliminate from my life for several reasons.


  1. It is just not nice.  No one wants to be talked about behind their back.  I know I wouldn’t.
  2. I can make my own assumptions and feel a certain way but I can NOT put myself in anyone elses shoes.  I do not know the whole story or situation. I have no right to judge.
  3. what am I trying to avoid? I find most people that gossip………..are trying to avoid their OWN problems. Gossiping makes you feel better about yourself (temporarily!).  This is NOT the way to go.  You need to feel great and good about yourself just because, not because you have to put someone else down in order to rise up



I am trying NOT to gossip.  I try to remove myself from situations where I see it occurring (or about to occur) I have been taking a stand and asking others to STOP gossiping if the other person is not there. 


I will try to stop gossiping and focus on ME.  Honesty is the always the best policy. Even if it hurts




Yoga has done WONDERS for my students. How can YOU help?




I really want to master this, my hamstring is FINALLY feeling better (after stopping running!!) so I feel like this is definitely in my near future!!  The beach would be the perfect place to practice!



This weather is GORGEOUS!! What a perfect weekend for outdoor yoga!!  Cooper River park this Saturday!


Speaking of Cooper River Park ………….


My friend just bought a house and it is SUPER cute. I went to visit last night and am in love with their décor!  I am excited to work on more projects ……….I ordered the pillows for my hope chest

3 AND plan on cleaning out my storage closet (once again) this weekend……..China, where am I going to put all that China (that I never use!)


AND the famous “Lobster Trap” that was located on the water at Cooper River Park has been purchased.  I am excited for the opening of the new restaurant!  Sounds like great, local , fresh foods will be the goal!  Check it out!



Things I am thankful for this Thursday


  • My doctors appointment. I am thankful for wonderful doctors, technology and that things could be a lot worse. Yes I have to have surgery, but I am grateful and thankful that my health is a priority and I have been taking care of myself and am able to prevent something in the future that could have been more serious 
  • Lily.  She is always there for me.  She’s my walking buddy, my sleeping buddy, my lounging and relaxing buddy. I am so lucky and grateful to have her
  • Patience.  I need a lot of it, every day. I am grateful I am able to have more of it in my life now and as a result it has a huge impact on my students, friendships and family.
  • peanut butter.  Just because ……..I put it on/in everything. I love it.  I am thankful I am able to eat it and enjoy it now without guilt 🙂
  • vacations and travel.  I am fortunate to have some time off to spend with friends and family and take some great and wonderful vacations. I have seen and done so much in the past year. I can not believe it.  I am really looking forward to adding South Carolina to my “Yoga Map” at the end of the month 


Your Turn


1.  What are you THANKFUL for this Thursday?

2.  What are your weekend plans?

3.  Do you have China? If so, how often do you use it?



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