Ten for Tuesday

1.  My task for the day (maybe few days?!)

Organize this mess ! Yikes ! All my china is still on boxes….since 2004. Omg. It’s time!


2.  Before getting started I thought I’d take lily for a little walk 🙂



This is what she does during our walk “mom! I need a break”



After we jumped in the car, got comfy, and stopped at my moms for…..


3.  Tomatoes!! Oh my….

4.  My mom loves her wreath! It looks beautiful! So do their flowers!!




5.  Also , in between organizing the closet, running errands and running boxes of trash to the dumpster. I started my marinara sauce!!! Omg it smells delicious!!!



6.  So if you are really into shark week and looking for something to do with the kids (OR ALONE!)  Here ya go!









photo 3 (2)

I even made a little gift wrapping area, I organized my tissue paper…..wow, I am such a teacher 🙂

photo 2 (2)

And here is my china! Finally after 10 years! NOT EVEN KIDDING!! Ten years it has been in boxes!

photo (42) photo 1 (3)

8.  Links I Love ❤

Life Skills pack ( I want!)

What French Kids Eat at School (Wow, this really puts us to shame 😦  )

4 types of Organization , which one are you?

9.  Peanut Butter

Wow, NEW Peanut Butter Flavors!! I am dying to try these out!! Have you tried any yet?!?!?

10.  New Audiobook idea!! So my mom and I are traveling to Myrtle Beach at the end of the month….I decided to purchase an audio book for our drive there 🙂  “Orange is the New Black”  


1. Are you reading anything right now?  Have you ever listened to an audio book?

2.  Do you watch television? If so, how much per day (Be honest!)

3.  What is your favorite kind of nut butter? (Peanut butter, crunchy, smooth, almond, etc)

4.  Are you a big shark week fan?


1 thought on “Ten for Tuesday”

  1. 1. I am currently reading my blog roll log 🙂 and the Courier Post each morning!! Its a start!!! I just can NOT get into fictional books! I fall asleep!
    2, I do NOT watch television…….ever! I can not believe it. In a way I am sad because its a great way to unwind and its fun to feel like you are following something, the anticipation of next week, I miss that…….but then I am happy because I get to do OTHER things like journal, blog, cook, or sleep 🙂 haha
    3.I really like smooth, creamy plain ol’ peanut butter!! The “Oooeyer and Gooeyer” the better 🙂 I am excited to try out some of the new flavors!


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