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“Un-Manic” Monday (3)

Understand It’s Not (Usually) About You

How often has this happened: You text a friend and she doesn’t respond. Your boss was brusque, or maybe you get a cool reception from a playground Mom. Your first thought is: “Uh-oh, what’d I do wrong?” Probably nothing. Though we tend to assume that others’ behavior is a direct response to some inadvertent thing we’ve done (or not done), it’s actually rarely about us. “We’re good at creating these fictions in our minds, but they’re often based on emotions, not facts,” explains Didi Zahariades, a personal coach in Portland, Oregon. “When someone’s really confident, she can run into a crabby person and just say, ‘Wow, they’re having a bad day,’” says Zahariades. “And then she goes on with her own day.”

So my promise to myself for this “un-manic” Monday, is to realize that I am NOT the center of the world.  Others do not care what I wear, look like, smell like, or………!  That is my biggest problem. I fear others judge the way I eat.  I am letting it go, so that I can have an “Un-Manic” Monday (And Tues, Wed, Thurs………)

(OK so MAYBE, just maybe, some people would notice the above picture 🙂  )

So before you think people are judging YOU. STOP and tell yourself….they are not! They have bigger fish of their own to “fry”.  Do what you want to do. Do not worry about being judged.  In the end, all that matters is how YOU feel with your decision.

So my mom has an abundance of tomatoes. Yes I do love them, but I love them VERY thinly sliced on my sandwiches , diced very small for salads, and clean and crisp for my salsas.  Sooooo, I can only eat so much!  I’ve decided to make some homemade marina sauce! I found a recipe that freezes and keeps well!! PERFECT!! J


marina sauce 


summer tomato sauce

Crispy Cauliflower tacos

cauliflower tacos

Kung Pao Chicken

Restaurant I really want to try



Situated in Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse Square neighborhood near Broad Street’s theaters, Russet is housed in an 1877 brick townhouse. Russet features a daily changing Italian and French-inspired menu using the finest local and seasonal ingredients. Chef-Owners Andrew and Kristin Wood create simple and honest dishes that highlight the natural flavors of the food.

(((( next date maybe?    It’s a BYOB as well)))) 

Some great reads

100 ways to live a better life

This is why I love traveling …….by myself! J

15 common qualities of people that are unhappy with themselves

TEACHERS!!  I wish I could go, but have to work 

Wednesday August 14 from 10am – 4 pm FREE TEACHER EXPO

at the Holiday Inn 2175 W Marlton Pike (rte 70)

Cherry Hill NJ


IF YOU GO, get me some goodies too! 

Also, FYI, If you are a history buff, or looking for something to do……

Brandywine River Museum of Art

Free admission on Sunday mornings 9:30 – noon

Now until Nov. 23!  Im a dork, im going!

Whatcha think!?

So here are my NEW pillows I ordered online! They came (Super fast! gooooo amazon!)   I have decided to put them on my couch and leave the others on the hope chest 🙂  What do YOU think of my decision?  I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions! 🙂

photo (41)

20140804-204425-74665328.jpgI am truly LOVING my new seat!! I read the paper (Courier Post) every morning right there!!  Lily is usually beside me!! Perfect!  wawa coffee, paper, Lily ❤  ahhhhh


4 thoughts on ““Un-Manic” Monday (3)”

  1. 1. I am almost 100% that Tim and I ate (multiple times) at the place that shows the guys eating the big cheeseburger. I think it is:

    2. I love those pillows! They bring out the pink in those flowers so brightly!

    3. I only like tomatoes very small and almost nonexistent in my food. You can dice them and break them down into chili.

    4. Thanks for the reminder of the expo! Is it sort of like the convention?


    1. Yay. Thanks for commenting:). Oh my I think I’m going to have to pay a visit to the burger joint! I’m on a burger kick!!

      I think the expo is more resources and things like that versus classes. I could be wrong though. Worth calling


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