Wednesday Wants

Wednesday Wants

I want…………my bedroom to be MY sanctuary 

(Love the window in this bedroom!!)

I want…………to go to Myrtle Beach already (12 more days!) – awesome packing tips!

I want…………MORE mason jars!

I want…………to practice mindful eating more often.  I used to eat in front of the computer screen, or reading a newspaper/mail/etc but now I try to be more aware of what and how I am eating!  Am I chewing too fast, am i swallowing too much, am I actually ENJOYING my food, because I should be.  I try to slow down and take each bite for the wonderfulness it is.  I ask myself little questions to make myself more mindful (“Does the peanut butter taste better warm, or cool, in my oatmeal, etc)  This will help me become more successful in my recovery. Its hard, but I am going to keep doing it, until it comes naturally and easy!

I want…………to be more decisive. (love this unique explanation and tips). Do you have difficulty making decisions? I tend to have more difficulty simple , in the moment decisions (“What should I eat for lunch? “What should I do with my day off?” “Should I go to Target on the way home from work, or after dinner?”)  I realize these are silly YET they cause me so much anxiety.  I want (and will) to be more decisive!  Its amazing. I teach my students EVERY day to make decisions, yet I fail to teach myself this rule!

I want…………to make a “To Do” list each morning ( I am really like the old fashioned pen and paper list! I LOVE crossing off items!)

I want…………to stress less about work , and situations I can not control

I want…………someone to give me affection……without expectations

I want…………you to COMMENT on my blog!!!

I want…….. To take this knife skills class

I want……. To admit I felt like a failure and horrible teacher yesterday. I lost control of the kids. My confidence went down. I went down.

I want……everyone including myself to know it’s OK to ask for help. I had to yesterday. It’s amazing the outreach and support I received. I am impressed. When you ask for what you want you do eventually get it.

I want………to brag that I have learned so much in the past year about autism, special needs and children. I have learned so much from friends, family, therapists and other teachers. Let’s all stay strong and be there for each other!

I FINALLY UNDERSTAND WHAT THE PUZZLE PIECES SYMBOLIZE…….I am finally GETTING the “puzzle”  It truly is eye opening when you can see students from a different perspective. Things finally become clear




1.  Do you have difficulty making decisions?

2.  What is the last Groupon (living social, amazon local) deal you purchased?

3.  Where is your “sanctuary”?

4.  Do you use mason jars? If so, for what?


4 thoughts on “Wednesday Wants”

  1. Have you ever been to Myrtle beach before? I used to go every year because my dad lived there.

    Have you ever purchased a Groupon or Living Social deal on those canvas painting events? So fun!


  2. – Difficulty w/ decisions – yes!! Especially going to restaurants and planning my day.
    – Never tried Groupon – I’ve always felt like there has to be a catch!
    – I think the bedroom is a cozy sanctuary for me, as well as being out on the hiking trails, something about the lack of city noise and the nature sounds is very calming.
    – Love your blog so much, it’s a little bit of everything, I look forward to what the next post will bring!


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