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Friday Faves

TGIF!! Its Friday! woooooo hoooooooo! Here are some of MY favorites from the week!

Favorite Friday Reads, but FIRST do this:

Lets celebrate by doing NOTHING for 2 whole minutes!  Can you do it? I challenge you! (Slow down, breathe)

  1. I love to travel.  I wish this could be my summer bucket list!
  2. seriously, how can you NOT love dogs!! (Super cute!

This dog who knows there's no place like home:

3.  what your dog wants to tell you

4.  Are you looking for a little more romance in your relationshipTry these

5. I absolutely am LOVING my new hair!! I am a blonde once again! With pretty side swept bangs! Thanks to Michael at Salon Expose in Haddonfield, NJ!  He is amazing! He was recommended by a friend after my drooling over her new hair recently when we met for dinner!  Go see Michael. He knows how to bring out the BEST in your hair and is so much fun (and inspiring!) to talk to!  I already scheduled my next trim in 5 weeks!  Healthy, long hair HERE I COME ! 🙂



If you want to visit Salon Expose, email me or message me and I have a great coupon for your first time visit (50% off, what!?!)

6.  I love scooby do! what a fun way to teach colors!

7.  If you are NOT currently in a relationship, and have had major issues with them in the past. Ask yourself these 11 questions: (

Here’s a set of 11 questions I’ve found useful for getting my clients on the other side of unhealthy relationships:

1. What are your ideas as to why you’re unhappy in your relationship?

2. Why come to therapy now? (If this seems obvious in the recent break-up scenario, my experience is there were many break-ups before this one).

3. How does your partner make you feel when you’re together? How do you feel about him when you’re not together?

4. What does love mean to you? In behavioral terms, how does she show she loves you?

5. Who in your family does she remind you of? Why?

6. Why do you think you stay? (If the reason is because staying is better than being alone, why not get a pet? Sure an animal can’t talk with you or go out to dinner, but he won’t lie about leaving his wife or cheat on you. And he’ll never call you fat, or accuse you of being a bad parent or laugh while you cry).

7. What are your relationship deal breakers? Responses of infidelity or physical abuse are challenged with, “Why set the bar so low?”

8. What are healthy behaviors you can do to improve your self-esteem? Does exercise, meditation, massage, connecting with loved ones, volunteering at a homeless shelter, reading personal development books, making amends with your mom, or joining a book/church/social club, etc., sound feasible?

9. Have you ever read Codependent No More?

 10. What will happen is nothing changes? How will you know if nothing changes?

Leaving relationship dysfunction is far from easy. My heart goes out to everyone who didn’t witness healthy relationships growing up. You deserved better as a kid, and you deserve better now. But I challenge you to take responsibility for your reality and focus your energies on things you can control, like relearning relationships. The last question is this:

11. When your children are 25 years old, how do you want them to describe what they learned from you about relationships during theirchildhood?


Feeling Friday:  Currently feeling confused, anxious, hopeful

  • confused:  My tummy is grumbling. I am still hungry BUT I ate a huge, hearty, healthy breakfast.  Is this hunger, is it anxiety? I hate not knowing my own hunger cues
  • anxious:  This week gave me a LOT of anxiety.  I felt lost. I didnt know what I was doing, I felt ineffective, unsuccessful, boring.  I felt stupid.  I feel like so many people (and parents) are looking to me for hope and answers, and yet I do not now myself the answers to them. I myself am still learning, trying, exploring.  I need to be happy that I have the MOTIVATION to want to make a difference, even if i can not at the moment
  • hopeful:  I have come SO far in my eating/health habits. I know i will be completely “free” one day.  For now, I will eat when I want (or think I want to).  Everything will even out and work out in the end.  I am also hopeful that next week WILL be better!


Friday Food!

  • This week was not great for me on the creativity/cooking field!  Between my hectic days, I barely knew if I was coming or going. In fact, I do not even remember what I ate?!  LOL SO unlike me
  • I did manage to prep a ton of OVERNIGHT oats LAST WEEKEND, so i slathered on the peanut butter and was in heaven
  • I also made a yummy SUMMER FRITATTA! Yum!!  I still am loving tomatoes
  • Last week (and weekend) were much more productive food wise. Thank goodness for PREP!  I see how important it is because you NEVER know what your weeks will turn out like! (Cray cray!)

Currently craving:  Pizza, Pancakes, beets and cheesecake! (not together! Lol and No i am NOT pregnant!)

Peach Pancakes (wow!)

BBQ Chicken Pizza (hello!)

Plain ol’ Cheesecake

marinated roasted Beets

Some LEGO fun at camp this week!! How many lego’s tall is the paintbrush!?  FUN:)




Tracing our letters using……….LEGO’s!





1.  Do you feel hungrier some days MORE than others?

2.  Will you be outdoors this weekend? Doing what?

3.  What would you rather do?  Go Hiking , or go to the beach?



10 thoughts on “Friday Faves”

  1. Some days I am hungry after eating…other days I can eat one meal all day and be full. It’s your body telling you what it wants ☺️ So annoying lol


  2. Are you a Libra or a Gemini by chance?

    I feel more hungry when the sun makes me feel that way. I think my appetite is affected by the weather/season. I also will be hungrier, obviously, depending on what I eat, when I eat and how much I ate the day before. If I pigged out one day, I’ll likely eat light the next. I also think my appetite is a bit like that of a bear. I can eat heavily in winter and feel like hibernating. I can wake up to spring allergies and find myself feasting to “start the new year.”

    I may be outdoors checking out an art show or chalk art show.

    Tough one. I like both depending on the conditions. If it’s over 70 F out, I’d rather be hiking under the treetops. If it’s a mild 50-65, I’d probably prefer the beach if I can be there…and with the right company. I can hike alone…but that can get dodgy, too.

    What were you before the current blonde state? What name would you give that shade?


      1. Hmm, maybe a Leo with some Libra or Gemini counterpart/aspect. [You should look into that.] Though, I know a few Leos who are busy chatterboxes and can be “all over the place” as if wired on Red Bull, too. Pretty faces who drove me batty. One I particularly liked…but she was already too busy with other guys.

        It was somewhere out west in a suburb, I believe. A sidewalk chalk art show of some kind where people could buy a square to decorate for all to see? ‘Sounds like a scam/sham to make “charity” buckos, selling sidewalk space…the nerve:P Where’s Banksy?

        Hmm, that’s not exactly the color name I was thinking. Bleach, Tow-head or flaxen, maybe.


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