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Saturday Saves and Safes

  1. Save:  I want to read this!! I think this may just keep my attention!   (amazon local is offering a coupon for $1.99 kindle books!!                                          

  2. Save:  Birding By Boat – Wetlands Safari (Cape May) looks intriguing (and super cute) to me

  3. Safe – Cat lovers check this out

  4. Save:  Turkey Zucchini Meatballs

  5. Save:  Zucchini Orzo Stuffed Peppers

  6. Safe:  USA Watercolor Map (Giclee Art Print), Michael Tompsett (New) I purchased it from ImageKind Art on NOW I CAN START MAPPING THE STATES I HAVE PRACTICED YOGA IN!20140816-195639-71799677.jpg
  7. Safe:  Schuylkill River Park Dog Run.  It was mine and Lily’s first time here! I loved it!! It is a small park, but very busy! Lots of buddies for Lily to socialize with!  We met up with a Dachshund Meetup group today at 2. Lily LOVED it! IT was so fun seeing all the little “hot dogs” running around together.  Lily was the most social BY FAR!  

  8. Safe:  target corner shelf (under $15! Easy to install)  Now I just need to find the perfect reading lamp!  20140816-195640-71800475.jpg

  9. Safe  (I will let you know TOMORROW after my cheesecake COOLS over night!!  This is my FIRST time ever making cheesecake, and it will be my first time in close to 15 years……..eating it!! OH my!




10.  Safe:  Balsamic Roasted Beets ( I threw them on top of my salad. They are delicious!!)


11. Safe:  Chicken stir fry.  YUM! I needed to use up all the veggies I had hanging out in my fridge!  This was delicious!


12.  Save:  Some lamps I love (for my reading shelf pictured above!)


haha cute!

Andie Sway Bedside Task Lamp


 13.  safe:  I am printing these and hanging them up in my office. Ditch the Scale: 50 BETTER ways to Measure Health

14.  save:  I really want to try this dog friendly restaurant! right off of Kelly Drive!! It was recommended by several! 

Your Turn

1.  Do you enjoy cooking/baking, or is it something you HAVE to do?

2.  Do/Would you take your dog to a dog park?

3.  What is something that you have not eaten in a VERY long time?




6 thoughts on “Saturday Saves and Safes”

  1. Hi there, just let you know how your blog is very interesting, it has so many wonderful recipes and such great ideas for home, office and just living life. I am very proud of you and your successes. Keep on blogging.


  2. I don’t really love cooking and baking, I think I get too impatient with the preparation! Question regarding the beets- how do you not get your hands and everything else stained? I usually only order them at restaurants because of this.

    I’m looking forward to the day that we get another dog so we can go to dog parks again. Our last dog was not very dog friendly, so we just stopped going. Lily looks so cute with all the other dachshunds. That’s the kind of dog I grew up with, back when you only saw them in brown or black!

    Enjoy the cheesecake!


    1. Kim, I have no advice on the beet staining! LOL I just was VERY careful, but it still got everywhere (i just contained it) My pup even picked up a piece that feel on the floor and TRIED to take it to the WHITE carpet 😦 Phew, i caught that one!! It really was not as messy as I would have expected though.


  3. 1) Love baking and putting together cookie plates with a variety of cookies. Holiday baking is my favorite thing around holidays.
    2) no dog park no dog. However, I take my kids to playgrounds at dog parks 🙂
    3) Something I have not eaten in a long time is babcia’s pierogies.


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