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Weekend Update and Week Ahead

So Sunday’s will be dedicated to my weekend as well as things to come NEXT week! 🙂  First I have to get some things off my chest………….

Currently Feeling:  Unsatisfied/anxious

My anxiety is SKY high this morning. I don’t know what to do with myself. I am restless. I am bored.  I am tired.  I don’t feeling like working out AT ALL (I feel guilty for this), I do not feel like cleaning. I do not feel like doing any school work.  I do not even feel like showering. I know its up to me to change all this. I can not figure out what I feel so un-content.  Is it because I am hungry? (I cant be, I ate SOOOOOO much this morning, or do I just need more!?  ). Am I anticipating something?

I am so anxious I can not think straight.  I can not come up with a game plan for my day……..because I feel so all over the place.  I don’t feel like resting, I don’t feel like running/walking/hiking, I don’t feel like doing much of anything, but have a hard time doing NOTHING.

How am I going to do it?  By changing my WANTS to WILLS

‘You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.’ ~Mike Murdock

I want to be able to relax..………...I will relax by not running/yoga/walking/hiking, etc. I will do something ELSE that I want to do (Like the craft fair)

I want to be OK with doing NOTHING .……………………I will read my book tonight.  Just sit on the couch and read. Yes it is OK, I did not run or workout today, I ate cheesecake, I can still SIT on the couch and relax.  It is GOOD for me

 I want to be happy (most of the time)…………….I will accept the times I do NOT feel happy and grow from it

I want to feel full but not stuffed.……………..I will eat more today

I want to feel healthy……………I will allow my body to rest

 I want to make changes.…………….I realize that means doing things I feel uncomfortable with (eating more, exercising less, talking more)

 I am NOT going to be nervous/scared to eat my cheesecake today……………..instead I will focus on the taste, texture, quality.  ( I am pretty impressed my beautiful baby didn’t crack!)  I am proud of my baking skills!


What I did this weekend

1.  Dog Park (read yesterday’s post here)

2.  Finished up my lesson plans for my Beach Themed Social Skills camp (I am MORE than happy to share them with you if you are interested!!  Sensory, writing , fine/gross motor and of course social skills are all incorporated!  Email me:

3.  Prepped some yummy food for the weekend and week (overnight oats, Cheesecake, chicken stir fry)


UPDATE:  Cheescake OH YEAH baby!! It was delicious! So creamy, smooth, REAL, not fake tasting (Real food IS so much better!!)  The crust was a bit too dry/flaky, but next time I will change it up a bit! 🙂  Not bad for trial 1!  Mom and Dad really liked it too! Dad gulped it, mom said it gave her a bit of an “after taste”  i think it was the coconut crust

4.  Checked out all the local Home Goods and TJ Max stores for lamps! I found one I love but can not justify spending $60 on it!  Off to IKEA in a bit!! I am feeling LUCKY!

*Update:  IKEA –   Cute room furniture, but NO lamps to fit my needs

5.  Cleaned, hung a shelf, threw out old items, dishes, dishes and dishes!  (Get your FREE PRINTS HERE)


6.  Took Lily for a walk at Strawbridge Lake  ( I love all the gorgeous flowers everywhere!)

7.  Went to the Collingswood craft fair!  Found an amazing ring I loved!  Also went into a few consignment shops. I was impressed!

8.  Saw this at the craft fair! hahaha


9.  went to Barnes & Noble to get some children’s Beach books (Still need a book about a Sand Dollar!)  I love my teacher discount !

10.  Went to Starbucks and just SAT and drank my Latte for a half hour!

11.  Trader Joes trip

(Their K-cups are only $2.99!!)


12.  Walmart for spring form pans (wow, great deal!! They have this set of 3 spring form pans for $10

 8 in, 9 in and 10 inch included!! It worked great!

13.  Went out to eat , alone , Friday night 🙂 It was fun! I had a turkey burger with swiss and sweet potato fries! Yum!

14.  Chatted with a few friends

15.  reflected on myself quite a bit (good and bad)

16.  drank lots of coffee

17.  I am sure there are 500 other things I am forgetting, but overall , not a very exciting weekend!

LAST weekend I saw so many of my friends. This weekend was the complete opposite. I did my own thing, ran my errands, cleaned, cooked, shopped, did my thing. Both are great, but in different ways.  Short spurts for me 🙂

The Week Ahead

1.  I am trying to decide what to do with my day off tomorrow. I kind of want to go to the beach, kind of want to stay around……ugh, decisions!! I’m tired of making decisions!

2.  I am SUPER excited for my mom to visit us at camp on Wednesday morning!! She is going to help out and help me try some new social things with the kiddo’s!

3.  OMG OMG OMG OMG 6 days until we leave for Myrtle Beach!!! Weeeeeeeeee!!  Sunday we are staying at a lovely little hotel in VA and Monday morning I booked pedicures for us before we hit the road again!


Also, been drooling over mint nails with an accent nail

Love it

4.  Packing (lightly) and food shopping for some staples for Myrtle beach

5.  Maybe yoga at the art museum Wednesday Night? (This is on my summer BUCKET list and summer is almost over!)

6.  therapy (Yes, I am actually looking forward to it!!)

7.  MINIMALLY thinking about going back to school (crazy, chaos, mess!)

Cute idea for sensory bin

8.  Cape May bird watching cruise on Friday 

9.   Funny, when I was younger, every FREE minute I had I would be at the beach, roasting tanning.  I do not think I have went to the shore and sunbathed all summer long. I absolutely have NO desire to.  I’d rather do something more productive….I like the outdoors but would rather spend my time DOING something, rather than burning!  Wow, how things change!   I have a day off tomorrow and DO NOT think I will be going to the beach.  Suggestions?!

10.  I want this cute doxie shirt!!!  Perfect for back to school

Your Turn


1.  what is your favorite thing from Trader Joes? (or one of your favorites, I know its difficult to pick JUST ONE!)

2.  Do you enjoy doing things by yourself?

3.  Do you like going to the movies?

4. How would you spend a free day?  Break it down for me!


4 thoughts on “Weekend Update and Week Ahead”

  1. 1) Favorite from Trader Joes: wine! $3 a bottle and awesome!
    2) I LOVE DOING THINGS by myself. literally the best!
    3) Never a big “going out to movies” fan. I like plopping on couch and watching them.
    4) Free day: Get up, walk to get coffee, have everyone leave house, get it straightened up while i listen to soft music. Then go to relax at pool with eyes shut or somewhere local. Then run to mall and shop a little in piece (or target). Day is all by myself. Come home and have dinner ordered in with a glass of wine and have my family join me. PERFECT DAY!


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