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Ten for Tuesday

Ten for Tuesday

1. Note to self and others. It is almost impossible to find a children s book about sand dollars! Grrrrr. I went to 4 book stores, library was closed AND youtube has NOTHING (NO books on video). So, if you ever plan on doing a lesson on sand dollars…….purchase from amazon wayyyyyyy in advance(sorry not paying for overnight shipping amazon! I’ll make my OWN sand dollar book! Hmpf!)



When they finished making their own sand dollars (using white beans) they earned some felt board picture time. I got these babies for 25 cents each! The kids love them! They had fun making silly beach scenes! Simple is best!

Everyone did awesome with their sand dollars. I was so proud!


2. LILY I love her so much! I tried these photo tips from a beautiful mess () and wow. They really work!!! Here’s proof!!!




She’s a natural!

3. Back to work/school. Kids absolutely loved these watercolor coffee filter fish! Fun, easy, simple andddddd they got to use a hair dryer (monitored) to help their fishes dry! Big step for some guys with sensory issues:). Proud again!


Swim fishes swim!



4. 5 days until Myrtle Beach!!!!! Sunday we are staying in VA and waking up to a nice brunch and scheduled pedicures to make our hideous feet look puuuuuurty! I do not think I could ever give so done a pedicure …..feet kinda make me want to “run” in the other direction!(haha)

So I want to do a kayaking tour but can’t decide do I go with…..


The Black River and Waccamaw River were the ancient roads of colonial commerce that served plantations since the 1700’s. Paddle the clear black waters that ebb and flow through wilderness cypress swamps over sandbars and spreading through creeks to the hidden ponds of the 1300 acre Black River Nature Preserve owned by The Nature Conservancy.
Eventually the rivers joins with waters of the Sampit and Pee Dee to form Winyah Bay, the third largest estuarine system on the East Coast of North America.
Within minutes of leaving the landing, you will feel like you have completely escaped from civilization. There are very few signs of civilization along this tour. This is our most relaxing tour. For the 4-hour tour, we take a break for lunch, so everyone has a chance to stretch their legs.
Watch for ducks, owls, beavers and otters, alligators, snakes, kingfishers, deer, spider lilies, ibis and wood storks, swallow-tail kites, wild turkeys, and swamp canaries (prothonotary warblers).
Advance purchase required. Tours often sell out!



Paddle through spartina cord grass marshes and saltwater creeks from the sandy dunes of Huntington Beach State Park at Murrells Inlet, past mysterious Drunken Jack Island, reputed to hold the treasures of the pirate Blackbeard.
See bald eagles, osprey, wood stork, herons, egrets, sea turtles, wading shore birds, oyster catchers, and maybe even dolphins and sting rays.


5. Dog weirdos lovers, like me…..have you checked out the bring fido app??

You just type in Your location and it brings up dog friendly restaurants, hotels, parks/beaches and more. I love it!!! I’ve used it several times already and plan on using it in SC! Already found a dog friendly restaurant I want to check out! (They have dog bones for the four legged dining companions!!)

6. For my “mommy” blog readers.….2 great articles!!

Body image after baby

Flying with two kids


7. After a week of shopping and hitting up every TJ maxx, Homegoods, Burlington Coat Factory, Ross andddddd Ikea. I finally found a lamp! I caved and got a silver one from home goods. It’s perfect(I am using it right now!!!!)

This is not the exact one but very close. I need a small base so that it fits on my shelf. I’m limited with sizing options


And then I saw this one! It’s $10 more……thoughts?!


8. Simple 5 questions to ask yourself when trying to make a decision

Decisions are difficult for me. I am trying to trust myself more and not seek approval from others in order to make my own decisions. These simple tips really help me break things down!

Big decisions for myself are easier than the little ones. I have more difficulty with those simple day to day decision!

9.  Seeing clearly…..what am amazing feeling

Wow.  For most of my life I feel like I’ve lived in a fuzz or haze.  So much of my thoughts were obsessed over food, stress, hating myself, negativity.  I spent so much time thinking about THOSE things, that I was not really taking in everything else around me…..

I attracted the same type of people into my life.

As I get healthier, I am slowly beginning to see clearly. The haze is lifting.  I smile more.  I look people in the eye more often.  I speak up more.  I speak my mind more. I tell people no, and without explanation.  I am making better decisions and choices when it comes to relationships……I am seeing clearly.  I am finding myself.  I am finding happiness. It feels…….so good!


10.  I need to get this out there……so that next summer YOU all can help me and remind me to say NO.   I love teaching and my kids…..BUT I need a break from it in the summer. So I can recharge, reorganize and rest my mind from constantly thinking about school.  My mind has been in overdrive.  I’m tired, overwhelmed and my creativity is suffering.

Next summer I will do something DIFFERENT. I want someone to tell me what to do for once.  I want a break from teaching so that come September I can be fresh and new again.  So please remind me.   I know I will forget… soon and so easily!

Maybe I will……

Your turn

1.  Any upcoming vacations in your near future?

2.  Do you tend to over-pack or under pack?

3.  What job would you love to try out for a short period?

4.  What is your favorite thing to do at the beach? (Tan, eat, swim, build a castle, etc?)



2 thoughts on “Ten for Tuesday”

  1. 1. None in the foreseeable future but considering a Hawaii cruise next summer. Work starts again tomorrow.
    2. Overpacker.
    3. I’d like to work again plant nursery or botanical garden. And concerning you taking a summer break, it was fantastic not to be there and I recommend you try it next year. I thought about what my class needed and had to time to create at my own leisure.
    4. I love to lay out and swimming is fun too. But I tried modified boogie boarding this summer, meaning I floated around with it and it was a blast.


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