Friday Faves

TGIF TGIF TGIF!! Happy Friday!  Wooo hooo!

A few of my FAVORITES from the week

1.  Life Skills Your kids NEED (This is a huge part of the area I teach in. Is your child prepared?!)

quote about kids learning to read

Life Skills Kids Need:

  • Your child should practice describing and expressing their feelings – ex:  “I am sad” or “I am sorry”.
  • While active play is needed, preschoolers should also have a daily quiet time of independent play for up to 20 minuets at a time.
  • Encourage your kids to be able to tell directions.  Ex: left v. right.
  • Encourage independence.  Your kids should be learning to put their own clothes on, including jackets and shoes.
  • Even at home, your kids need to practice cleaning up their space when they are finished with an activity.
  • Practice waiting and taking turns, and following basic rules (board games are a great way to practice if not in a group).
  • Follow multi-step instructions (ex: Wash your hands, get your lunch box and sit down to eat).  Take turns playing “Simon says” with each other.
  • Help your child recognize basic cause and effect relationships (drop this it breaks).
  • For safety:  Your kids need to know their phone number and be able to say their street address.

2.   I WANT to try these (only 3 ingredients!)

3.  Yesterday was the LAST day of summer camp for me…………..

photo 2 (3)

4.Favorite thing I ate this week:  Surprisingly NOT the cheesecake (Although it was fabulous)

I am going to have to say my newly created oatmeal concoction Peaches and Cream(cheesefrosting) overnight Oats

OMG, seriously. TO DIE FOR! What is wrong with me and oatmeal!?  Have I deprived myself so much of them!? I always thought I hated them!? But with fruit, and frosting, chia seeds……..I just can not resist. 

5.  Favorite activity I did with the kids at camp………….

I would say either:

Space camp

(we practiced sleeping like REAL astronauts!)

photo (43)
Wrote our own space story, typed it, created covers and PUBLISHED it 
photo 3 (3) photo 4 (1) photo 5

And these were fun for our beach week…..

photo 1 (4)

6.  Favorite buy…..well technically it was a gift, BUT I am very impressed by the Arbonne hand creme!! I love it!! Not greasy, smells great (“Orange y”) and makes my hands feel incredible!!

7.Favorite Conversation:  “The Running Man”.  

On Monday, I was off from camp. It was a beautiful morning. I FELT good.  It felt great outside (Beautiful, cool morning) I wanted to go for a run.  My body had no aches, pains, etc.  

During my run, a few people passed me.  Thats ok!  I am running for me! I am running to feel good, see the beautiful houses along the way, breathe the fresh air, and to give myself energy for the rest of the day.  Typically, I would feel terrible if someone passed me….“What are you doing? Speed up! You are LAZY! You don’t even work today, the LEAST you can do is run faster!”, but, I didn’t feel that way …..at all.

At the end of my run, I “ran” into an older man I would see EVERY SINGLE day (when I ran every. single. day.)  He was tired, looked achy, and for the first time, ran with me and we chatted.   He told me he has NOT missed a day of running for 393 days strait……I was impressed, but not envious.  I was actually sad……..for him, not myself.  I am OK with not running every day.  I see how much of my life it took up before. It made me unhealthy.  It made me lose my period, it made me feel bad….not good.  Mentally I thought I needed it, but I didn’t.  Physically, I definitely did not need it.  I heard the anxiety and obsession in his voice.  He wanted me to say “Wow, thats impressive, how do you do it, you must be in great shape, etc etc etc”.  I didn’t.  Instead, I said “I used to run every day, but it is no longer best for me.  So I run when I feel like it now.  If I feel like it”……then there was my stop. I stopped, he looked confused, and said “Are you ok?”. I said “Yes!  this is my stop.  I am finished with my run, I have other things to do! “

8.  Speaking of running.… yesterday was my last day of camp, so naturally today is my first day OFF! I have tons to do before our trip.  I woke up this morning feeling achy, sore, and stuffy (summer cold).  I went to WAWA to get my coffee, walked Lily, blogged, made my to do list and wrote “Run”……..YUP, Diana, normally runs on her days off.  Diana is NOT working so it would be LAZY of her if she didn’t run…..yet, I am tired. I feel achy. I have other things to do.  I do NOT feel like running. The weather is crappy, I can not breathe.  I don’t feel like running. The thought of it….yuck.  

So, I was going to get my shoes on because AFTER my run, I know I would feel better.  Instead, I laid back in bed, pulled the covers up, let my shoulders relax, hugged Lily and said  “Not going to run today. I am tired. I do not feel good. I will run when I really want to. I do not want to today and it is ok.”  

I am not running today.  I am not working today.  I am most definitely NOT lazy today

Your Turn:


1)  Something you are looking forward to this weekend?

2)  Something you love so much you could eat it EVERY day?

3)  Rainy days…..Love or hate?


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