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Running Rules

I used to run……….for all the WRONG reasons. I had terrible reasons for running which included:

  • maintaining my weight.  (Which is OK) BUT I would restrict if I did not run, or would reward myself with food if I ran, etc.  If I didn’t run, I “punished” myself
  • wake up at 4:30 am and WANT to run.  (If I was a few minutes behind schedule, I would be very upset with myself)
  • I am lazy if I missed a run
  • I must run in the morning, or else I may not run later, and that would be terrible
  • Run, even if I do not feel like it
  • Run, no matter what the weather is like
  • Do not let anyone pass me, or if they do, push myself 
  • Run further, each time
  • run longer, each time
  • run through the pain
  • run even if it feels like my muscles are “ripping”
  • run before anything else, so I can go on with my day
  • tell everyone how much I love and enjoy to run
  • Run, so I do not have to think about anything else in my life
  • Run, from my problems
  • run, from the truth

I spent SO much time trying to persuade myself that running was healthy for me, running was necessary, running was enjoyable, running was ALL OR NOTHING. Either I run hard. Every. Single. Day. Or I am a failure.  Wow, because of that I missed out on so much……..I missed out on……ME!  I had no clue what my likes and interests were. I lied to myself and everyone else that I loved running so much.  I made it my life.  I made rules. I made rules with running and food. I made……..myself miserable and hate myself. What was I running for? A race? Nope, I was never even training for ANYTHING…..for health? Obviously NO, I lost my period, enjoyment of food and pleasure. I was running
because……..I hated myself

It was very difficult to let go of those old habits and Running Rules, but somehow, with the help of my therapist, family and friends, I have been able to create NEW rules.  Here are my New Running Rule(s):

  1. Never set another running RULE again! Instead I will run:

  • IF and when I feel like it.  Maybe one time per week, maybe 2 times per week, maybe no times!  Maybe I will not run for a month straight, or 2, or 3………..
  • I will run and notice ONE new thing during each run. Flowers, a house, an animal.  Today when I went for my run, I saw a little church that I NEVER noticed in all my years of running. How embarrassing!  How could I run the same route and NOT notice something so beautiful? I was too focused and consumed with RUNNING to notice and my OLD RULES
  • smile at people, it feels good
  • look people in the eye and say hello (I can because I feel good, not out of breath, sweaty or exhausted)
  • let people pass me , encourage them, say something positive
  • notice how my body feels. (Wow, today I felt GOOD running, I had no aches, no pains, my feet felt flat and great for the FIRST time, I did NOT feel like my muscles were tearing…..)
  • Walk if I need or WANT to
  • eat to feel good so I want to run, or not run
  • drink a lot of water because its good for me, whether I run or not
  • eat that cheesecake, even if I didn’t run today, or for a week, or a month
  • sleep in , if I feel like it
  • without comparison to myself and/or others                                                                         

Not running has been the healthiest thing for me by far. I no longer limp when I walk. I no longer wake up feeling like a truck hit me.  I am more flexible.  I am more alert and aware. I am more connected to the world. It has taught me how to enjoy things again. It has taught me how to love myself.  It has taught me that life is too short to live by silly rules.  The world does NOT care how fast or far you run, whether you beat your “last time” or you beat the person in front of you……….The world is too busy living, now get busy……..LIVING too!



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