Saturday Saves and Safes

Happy Saturday!!! I “feel” fall coming!! I am sad and excited at the same time!

Sad about:  shorter days

Happy about:  Jeans, sweats, boots 🙂


  • SAFE:  10 Free Handwriting Worksheets (time for BACK TO SCHOOL!)
  • SAFE:  10 Habits of Healthy People (#4 Balance Work and Play – something I am truly working on)
  • SAFE:  Thanks to Arman over @ The Big Mans World , I had this AMAZING Healthy Tiramisu Oatmeal pudding for breakfast this           morning!                                                                                    tiramisu_oatmeal3.jpg                                                                                    YUM YUM YUM, it was perfect, just what I was craving.  Chocolaty, fluffy, thick, not too sweet.
  • SAFE:  (phew!)  Organic Cocoa Powder (for baking)  at Whole Foods. I was a bit leery, I was hoping it did not destroy my meals with bitterness, etc.  It was absolutely PERFECT!  Well worth the $$ 
  • SAVE:  I am possibly thinking of a career change……This would be a long, thought out process, but something I have been thinking about A LOT lately.  I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE teaching and children, however there are a lot of things I am not crazy about, all of which have nothing to do with actual teaching OR children (politics, no training, lack of understanding of needs for special ed, etc, etc , etc)  So, I have been thinking of joining Jefferson’s University Occupational Therapy program and becoming and OT!! I have several friends that do it, and love it!! Working at a sensory based summer camp this summer made me realize how much I love working one on one with students.  I do NOT feel overwhelmed. I can focus. I feel like I can really CONNECT with them.  I am excited for my information session on September 21 at Jefferson!!  Spotlight on Occupational Therapy!                                             I am very fortunate to know two VERY special ladies.  Lacey and Meghan.  They both share something in common.  They are both (excellent) Occupational Therapists, AND are both part of the reason for me WANTING to become an OT! Want to meet them?Meet Lacey!lacey  I met Lacey a few years ago.  She started working as an assistant at the private school I was teaching at.  Lacey stood out in a heartbeat! Not only because she was drop dead gorgeous, BUT she had the most beautiful HEART.  Lacey absolutely LOVED the kids.  She really enjoyed coming to work every day.  She enjoyed HELPING the students.  She was very passionate about what she did and I KNEW she would make an excellent OT, and she did.  I recently ran into Lacey at my summer camp job. She is beautiful, happy and sweet as ever!  Thank you Lacey for inspiring me to do what I love!

Meet Meghan! 10410313_10152546612965801_1903691139442697959_n I met Meghan YEARS ago while she was moving from NY to NJ 🙂  She was warm, friendly, sweet, and beautiful on the inside and OUT.  I really loved Meghan’s style, taste, and most importantly……….dedication to her career.  She absolutely LOVES what she does.  She enjoys it and when you speak with her, you can hear just how passionate she is about being an OT.  I have recommended her to my closest friends and owe her a HUGE thanks for inspiring me to want to put my passion to the best use. For me, I think that will be becoming an occupational therapist!


  •   SAFE: 9 Things You Are Never Too Old to Start Doing (Right Now I am feeling this one:  5. It’s not too late to follow your dreams.)
  • SAVE:  This would be extremely helpful to have bedside                                                                                                  beside charging station
  • SAVE:  Saw this on my run this morning, my heart melted!                                      The best part, they were running slowly, together, healthy.  Maybe one day 🙂  Healthy partner, healthy relationship, healthy running, healthy habits 🙂
  • SAFE:  My New Running Rules
  • SAVE:  Catch 31 (VA Beach) and Lynnhaven Fish House
  • SAFE:  9 Life Lessons Learned in Gym Class
  • SAFE:  29 Dimension Relationship Test
  • SAFE:  Keep my veggies fresh and my fridge neat and pretty! I just got this tomato saver and LOVE it.  I plan on getting other “savers”.  It keeps the veggies fresh as well as my fridge nice and neat. PLUS I know exactly what is inside! No more guessing!

  • SAFE:  My new reading lamp.  I would LOVE recess lighting, but was not ready to get into that project…..So here is my Home Goods find I photo (44)

I love the cool light reflections on my wall from my lamp!



1.  Have you ever made a career change, or a major career decision? How did you feel?

2.  What is your favorite season?

3.  What are your weekend plans?


2 thoughts on “Saturday Saves and Safes”

  1. I have been thinking about becoming an OT also! since CH I really loved watching Ali work with the kids and even looked into OTA. I’m concerned with time off during the fieldwork part or practicum. I really feel exactly like you. I LOVE working with the kids but I can’t stand the politics or silly crap.


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