Weekend update and week ahead

Ahhhh. Last week of camp and a week of travel with mom and lily. Seriously. Life is good.

Friday and Saturday was spent prepping, packing, last minute laundry, tasks and unwinding from a crazy week of camp and a nasty summer cold. It’s finally here!

I finally got my nails done


I am loving the colors…..and the new me. I would have never chosen those colors before. Now I know it’s ok to not always be “safe”. I like it!!

Mom and I both both confided that we were unable to sleep last night. From excitement. Unfortunately that sucks when you have to drive all day. Mix that with anxiety and. Yuck.

The drive was beautiful. We took 13 instead of 95. The Chesapeake bay bridge is breathtaking! It took is about 51/2 hours with several stops to get to Founders Inn at Va beach. Not bad at all!

We listened to Orange is the New Black on audiobook. Chapter 6 and we are both loving it! I actually felt like I was heading to jail. The story is written so descriptively. It actually put knots in my tummy. Reality finally struck and I realized we were fortunate to be heading to Myrtle beach and not to jail, poor Piper


We arrived at The Founders inn a few hours before check in…..however they allowed us to check in early! We threw our bags in the room, switched into our swimsuits and hit the incredible pool for some rest before dinner.




The staff here is super sweet, helpful and really goes out of the way to make you feel special. I would stay here again In a heartbeat. In fact Va beach is totally ME. Quiet, quaint, peaceful. I feel like I could really relax here. Tons to see and do! Very different from our NJ beaches!

I explored a bit as mom relaxed by the pool. Wow. The grounds are gorgeous! Lakes, pools, mazes, flowers….




We got ready and drove to the coast for a beautiful view and seafood dinner. We decided on Lynnhaven Fish House. I made reservations In Advance (very smart. It was packed!) the view was beautiful. Literally right in the beach!




mom ordered the She Crab soup to start. I ordered a glass of Merlot. I needed to unwind. A lot of anxiety and guilt today.

We both ordered salads. I was very impressed. I may even have to say it was one of,if not the, best salads I have had at a restaurant.

We also received an order of hushpuppies, after some brief history of how they were originally used to keep the dogs quiet, hush…….Puppies…..they are also a basic ball of fried cornmeal. I stuck one in my bag to bring home for Lily. I must say she has it pretty good! Ha

I ordered the locally caught flounder with a caper artichoke sauce and sweet potato.


My flounder was flavorful and not “fishy” at all! The sweet potato was done to perfection. I loved the caper sauce choice. I love capers!

Mom order a smorgasbord of seafood including shrimp and scallops on top of pasta. She said the pasta was a bot overdone but otherwise it was very good. I tried a scallop and personally thought it was “chewy”.


We are beat. Long week and long day. It’s catching up. For now it’s a wonderful start to our “girls getaway” trip. Just the three of us…..




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