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Ten for Tuesday

1. Early mornings. My absolute FAVORITE time of the day. It’s quiet. Peaceful. Breathtakingly beautiful……especially here in North Myrtle Beach. In a few days my life transformed from this craziness…..


To this……




My morning started off with a walk on the beach with Lily. She loves it. The man using a metal detector was not amused when lily started helping him dig….. Lol

I think the early morning ,before the crowds and the heat, is my personal favorite. Plus North Myrtle Beach allows dogs on the beach until 9 am. Perfect!!

2. Acting like tourists. It’s weird how much you feel like a tourist until you finally get used to the area. I asked so many questions and spoke to so many people to get tips and familiar with the area. Love hearing the locals advice. Always the best. Soooooo since we did the whole tourist thing….. Here we are….typical tourists!

First we stopped at the cute, Quaint little fishing town, Murrels inlet. So quiet, laid back…. Had a very key west vibe to it. Murrels had tons of bars, restaurants and watersports. I want to do the kayak , mom liked the banana boat (haha)







The next tourist stop was broadway at the beach. Super cute for kids. I can’t imagine how crazy it must be when crowded. Very touristy but of course we had to see it once.
If I had kids, we would probably be back, however I think I’ll stick to the quiet areas from now on. I will have chaos and noise in about a week…..





Then we stopped at Food Lion (shop rite? Wegmans? Acme?) to grab wine and a few staples for dinner. I dropped my mom off at the pool to read and I went back to walk lily and prep dinner…..



Tidewater is beautiful. The facilities are beautiful. Clean. Quiet. Perfect. I want to live here……

I mean ….so many pools and hot tubs ….




3. Dinner. What can I say. I am enjoying food. Tonight I cooked an easy meal for us. Eating out. Gets expensive plus lots of tummy troubles! Plus this condo is so amazing I think it is my favorite part and place in North Myrtle. The porch. The trees.

Peach recipes? Have any to share?

Peach and blackberry cobbler

Greek yogurt chicken salad


4. How to find the courage to walk away from money and stability

This is very fitting for me right now. Not that I make a lot of money, but at least I get a pay check, can Pay my bills, etcetera. With my recent career change thoughts this exact topic had been on my mind

5. Relationships. Ahhhhh. Well I feel completely comfortable and great withy relationship with mom. We are definitely boarding “healthy”. Now I just need to work that into my love and friendships as well. Which I am doing (for once I have standards!)

Is your relationship healthy?

6. Moms. I know so many great moms that demonstrate the following qualities!!







7. Do you have a passion? I believe I have found mine



8. Bojangles. Ok can some one please give me the scoop? Is this place good? What do you order? I feel like such a tourist. They are everywhere. MY heart still belongs to McDonalds. Happy meal. Playground. Number 2


Do people really not go to McDonlads anymore!?

9. With my focus being less on good (on good days) I can think about how to overcome other fears I may have. These are wonderful

10. I definitely feel unfulfilled at times. It’s weird. Through out my day I feel good, then unfulfilled, then confident, then unconfident. I just want consistency. I want to eventually feel the way I do the first few hours of my day. Inspired. Hopeful. Full of energy. I know life will have it’s downs. I working on bringing them up sooner rather than later.
unfulfilled and uninspired

Your turn

1. Do you prefer a quiet, lazy vacation or more structured , jam packed vacation?

2. End of summer thoughts?

3. Did you do all the things in your summer bucket list?

9 thoughts on “Ten for Tuesday”

  1. *first comment!!! Ahhh!!** lol
    I’m starting to feel like a need a mini vaca with nothing but relaxation and also a mini vaca with activities.

    P.s. I’m having the same inconsistent thoughts throughout the day :/


    1. Thanks for commenting!!!!! Wooo hooo. It takes me a few days to get into the swing of things and actually allow myself to relax….. When I finally start it’s over!!!!! Enjoy these last few days


  2. I love this! Please take me on your next vacation (pack me in your suitcase). The way you are looking at life is amazing. Just remember the negatives will come and go but always lookibg the bright side 💟


  3. Beautiful! And thank you for the compliment! Love you! And I also struggle with inconsistent thoughts throughout the day. Negative self-talk is my problem.


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