Un-manic Monday

Wow. Seriously. Best un manic Monday ever! Mom and I are on vacation this week. Thanks to my wonderful aunt and uncle for sharing their beautiful North Myrtle Beach condo with us!


If you are following my blog we began our “journey” yesterday. We drove half way to Myrtle Beach and stopped in Virginia Beach for the night. We stayed at the gorgeous, dog friendly, Founders Inn. I WILL be back there. Perfect location. Away from the hustle and bustle. Quiet. Beautiful. Clean. Serene anddddddd dog friendly!!!!

My anxiety was sky high yesterday but around dinner time I was finally able to unwind. All the food thoughts, exercise thoughts, negative thoughts were let go over a glass of Merlot and fresh caught flounder overlooking the rough surf of the Atlantic, from our breath taking view.

I am lucky. Very lucky and very grateful.

I had the best nights sleep. The beds were soooooo comfy. I am not sure whether it was the bed or the fact that I barely slept the night before , but I had one of the best nights sleep in a very long time……even beside Mrs. “Snor-ski”.

I woke up early and well rested. I grabbed Lily and we went off for a walk. My absolute favorite time of the day. Before the rest of the world is up. It is my time. Time for coffee. Time to reflect. Time to think ahead. I feel best and think so clearly.

I grabbed coffee at The Muffin Cafe



After a little walk/jog around I showered, got mom up , and packed. Then it was off for some yoga…….





After yoga we went to The Swan Terrace for the $9 breakfast buffet. Wow. I was impressed. Delicious, great , quality choices. Perfect amount of options including oats (wooooohoooo), grits, toppings, pancakes , bacon, sage sausage (this was sooooo good) , assorted breads, bagels, muffins, pastry, the BEST fruit salad (cantaloupe and honey dew heaven).

scrambled eggs, bacon, and omelette station.



Plus assorted cold cereal and chocolate milk (thought this was really cute)



My omelette was great, but I learned I am not a fan of cheddar cheese. I am happy I am finally having thoughts and opinions about food. I know it may not seem like a big deal to most , but for me this is a huge step in my recovery





After our bellies were full, my mom went to have a pedicure and I spent some quality time with Lily. We walked around the grounds, taking it all in and then headed to the dog park, at the hotel. Yes that is right. The hotel has it’s own dog park. It was beautiful. Gated, huge, two Separate sections and super clean.




We also ran into and spoke to some pretty amazing guys. They were in Va Beach for the week for an amputee convention. They shared some great personal stories that were very touching. The 17 year old next “Tiger Woods” especially grasped me. They even posed for a picture with Lily. She is such a flirt!!!


If you would like additional information for you or a loved one, please contact Dean @ or Craig at

Please check out their website as well!!! National Amputee Golf Association

I went to meet my mom and asked for a quick tour of the beautiful spa. They were glad to give me one!! They even let Lily tag along.





Check out those pretty feet!!



Then it was off for our 6 hour drive ahead, which, thanks to Orange is the New Black, was not so bad. We made a few stops to eat and stretch and it was back to “jail”. I am really loving the book…..I really am changing my views, thoughts, and beliefs about prison! So far, Piper, has served about 3 months of her sentence. The journey is painful and feels sooooooo Much longer than that. I am grateful for my 6 hour drive ahead……I am thankful for my life, freedom and many opportunities.

I am lucky girl. A HAPPY, lucky girl.

I wonder what tomorrow will hold……


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