Wednesday wants

I want….. To move to North Myrtle Beach. (Seriously).


I want……more space in the kitchen. I love to cook. I need to work on making my kitchen more comfortable for me. Does your kitchen have these ?

I want…….to remember how good, relaxed and content I feel RIGHT NOW on the beach. I ate my lunch on the beach and didn’t care if anyone saw me, or my belly that I , for the first time in a long time, forgot about. I actually breathed in and out. Not holding my breath tying to make my tummy look smaller so people around me didn’t think I was a “pig”. I do not care anymore. Today I don’t care that my stomach is not perfect, I care that I enjoyed every bite of my delicious sandwich. Finally seeing it as good nutrients for my body, and caring about myself, NOT fat and calories.

I spent so many years worrying about what others thought about me……I see it now. No one cares about my belly or my sandwich (well maybe the seagulls do) they care about……the fact that I told a mother and her three kids sitting on the shoreline they are the perfect opt for a beautiful picture. They care about telling me about the dog, a Doxie and yorkie mix…..making it a DORKIE!! They care that I threw my trash in the trash bin and kept the beach beautiful and clean.


I want……to share how happy my mom is. She is finally letting go and being herself. I am proud of her. She deserves this…..


I want….. To share that reading other blogs that feature WIAW (what I ate Wednesday) gives me anxiety. I feel I eat so much. I need not to compare. I may be hungrier than you today. That is ok!


I want….. To make these chicken Parmesan meatballs

I want… say I have the best dog ever. I absolutely love her and seeing how happy she is. Running on the beach, digging in the sand. Splashing around in the water. Saying hello to other people and pups! She’s my BFF!!!





I want ……. More dog friendly trips in my future. It is so much fun !! Love exploring, trying new restaurants, hiking/biking new areas

I want……to see the sunrise again tomorrow and Friday and Saturday…..



I want
… continue practicing yoga in all the states!!!! South Carolina…..check!!!







I want…… To make this for my desk. Back to school!

I want……to check out these hotel vacations recommendations. Maybe one day

I want……you to read It’s ok

I want ….. To share this beautiful story. Size does not matter it is all about health

I want… dad to read this

I want…. To say this has probably been the best beach day ever. The weather , sand, sandwich, company, breeze, and sounds. I NEVER stayed on this beach this long. Ever. And I thought I wasn’t a beach person! Could it be? Am I actually……relaxing??????????


I want….. To be like Mike, if I could be like mike.

Ok so I’ve been wanting to do that each time I write “I want” lol.


I want……everyone I know in a relationship (or not) to read this. Then take the quiz for yourself. It has taught me sooooop much about myself and others

I want… thank Melissa for really making me smile. Out of nowhere I received a text today that she thought of me so made me something!!!! It is beautiful just like you Melissa!!!!!



2 thoughts on “Wednesday wants”

  1. Thanks for sharing my link up. I really appreciate it.

    It sounds like you’re having a great time on the beach and you are embracing relaxing. Enjoy the rest of your beach vacation, and don’t worry about others slim WIAW pickings. We all need different amounts and types of food and maybe some of those others aren’t necessarily healthy too, in which case you don’t want to emulate that. Embrace being healthy, that’s what really matters.


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