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Saturday Saves and Safes

Happy Labor Day weekend!! Mine started off LABOR free, but not driving free. This morning mom and I had a realllllllllllllllly nice breakfast, then hit the road, back to NJ.  10 hours later……..we are home 🙂   Ahhhhh. I am SOOO Happy that I de-cluttered and organized the house BEFORE I left. I absolutely LOVE walking in to a nice, clean, and neat home!  Diana and Christine (aka Thelma and Louise) are HOME (for now)!

Where will our travels take us next? If I do move, I am trying to convince mom to take a solo trip to Myrtle Beach herself, making all the little stops she would like along the way!

Arriving in NJ felt “weird”.  It was so much”homier”, and prettier in South Carolina. Everything looks so boring, dull and blah here!  :*(  I miss it there already.  I am going to miss my roommate (my mom).  We had a blast!



Here are a few Saves and Safes I would like to share with y’all (ugh oh! Been in SC too long!)


Safe:   Breakfast at Shacks in Cherry Grove Beach, SC.



 Seriously.  This place was amazing.  It is quite possibly the best WESTERN omelet I have ever had, even beating my fritatta.  It was absolutely perfectly prepared. Extremely fresh ingredients, not over done, and slathered up with unnecessary things. It was a nice thin omelet, not wet, mushy, etc. Perfect texture, consistency and just the right amount of onions, peppers, swiss, ham and mushrooms, Not too much and not too little JUST RIGHT!


The grits were delicious too!  As well as the fruit salad. Very fresh! I can honestly say I have had the best melons this week in Va Beach and Myrtle Beach! Go figure!?


My mom had the pancakes, eggs (scrambled) and sausages.


We both ended up with clean plates. SOOOO you know the deal.





Safe:  Enterprise rent a car (Maple Shade Rt 73 Location)

They were phenomenal! Very accommodating, friendly and even gave us tips on places to go in Myrtle Beach.  Very nice, friendly, terrific customer service. I would use them again in a heart beat!!!


Save:  Barefoot Landing


Big Barefoot Landing Map

Next time (soon!)  Just was not in the mood for shopping this time!

Safe:  Walking – I walked, walked and WALKED in Myrtle Beach, so did Lily.  I walked on the beach, I walked to yoga, I walked to the pool, I walked around the “resort”.  Walking is good AND walking is exercise. In fact, today I was SORE, from walking. Along with being sore, I also felt…….good.  No terrible “ripping” pains, my feet feel so much better, my legs feel better, I have MORE energy.  Plus, the best part.  Lily gets to join me.  I love walking.  I get to slow down.  Look at things, explore.  If it werent for walking, I would have missed so much… ….starfish, stingrays, and hermit crabs

walking IS a workout


Save:  wow, this looks incredible! I will let you know the verdict!! most likely I will attempt this tomorrow


Baked Spaghetti

Safe:  Moms and teachers! It is THAT time. Time for back to school. Parents help teachers by participating and being involved in your children’s school day!  It is fun!

**It would be cute to print these and put them in a little pencil-case/box at home.  Each day during after school snack, or dinner, pull a card out and discuss it!!

25 ways to ask your kids about their day


safe:  I absolutely LOVE Long Beach Island, New Jersey.  It brings so many wonderful memories and times.  There is a wonderful write-up in the Courier Post today (Sunday August 31)

Surfs up in Ship Bottom


Also check out blogger Robin, from NY wishes Chicago Dreams top 5 picks for LBI here!!

Save:  Bradford, PA.  The Lodge at Glendorn, according to courier post , this is one of the TOP us places to getaway!  A mini, more luxurious camping retreat.  I really want to go!!!

Save:  This dress for back to school. Super comfy looking and cute!! (Gah its on sale too!! )


Save:  Happy Thoughts $62 ouch 😦


Save:  nifty notebooks, cute for journaling, notes, etc

You can customize your notebooks and planners. How cute.  From $14-$22

May Designs

I am kind of liking this one


Save:  B. Good at the Promenade in Marlton

This place looks interesting!! i am excited to try it out. They even have milkshakes. Will my Panera have competition??


Safe:  Thinking out loud…..jealousy/envy

“Love is always patient and kind. It is never jealous. Love is never boastful or conceited. It is never rude or selfish. It does not take offense and is not resentful. Love take no pleasure in others people’s sins, but delights in the truth. It is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope, and to endure whatever comes.”

Do you get jealous of other people? their relationships, financial situation, status?  Jealousy and competition and COMPARING yourself are so unhealthy.

I am really trying not to compare my food and exercise to others, I also have been trying very hard to look at things from different angles and perspectives and not be quick to judge situations. Every one and every situation is unique.


So try to remember, do not judge. Talk about it, ask questions, communicate. Do not falsely accuse someone of something. IT can be very hurtful.  I know….


Envy to Joy

YOU are better than that

feeling judged?


Safe:  Do you have daddy issues?


I love this chart!


Safe:  I stayed in the WRONG marriage for 11 years

Your Turn

1.  What are YOUR Labor Day plans?

2.  Back to school shopping.  For kids only, or adults are just as fun?

3.  Give someone a compliment today.  Someone you know. A stranger. IT FEELS SO GOOD!


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