Ten for Tuesday

1. I succeeded at an un-manic Monday! I accomplished many of un-manic goals.!

First I could not take it anymore. I had to talk to my dad. He is a very difficult person to communicate with. He wants to just “forget” about things instead of discussing them. I get it. It’s hard.

So today I asked him to come for a walk with me and Lily and he could bring Lucy, the German Shepard.  We are so different yet so much alike in ways.  We both LOVE to relax by moving. My mom prefers to sit quietly and read, dad and I would much rather walk (and talk, today!)



It was the BEST walk and talk ever.

We walked, talked, had coffee and ….it was really really nice. I got to tell him a lot and he had to listen. There was no where to go on a three mile walk. Neither one of us could “run away” or avoid the topics.  It was a very nice walk…….we made plans to go on another “walk and talk” this weekend!!  🙂  I love it!  Next weekend we are going on a hike in PA! First we are stopping for coffee though!



2.  I stopped by my Aunts and Uncles house.  It was so nice!  My “nieces and nephews” were there, playing. I got a chance to interview Chase and Lily before their first big day of Kindergarten.  It was really cute and really fun!  Kids are so stinkin cute!  I can NOT believe what a little “man” Chase has turned into!! So proud of him.  As for Lily, lets just say we have an official girls night date planned for the near future.


So when I arrived at my aunts, THIS is what I first saw…..yikes, poor Aunt Irene & Uncle Jim  (lol)



My cousin arrived to scoop up the kiddo’s and it was REALLY nice talking to her about sandwiches.  I know it seems silly and like “nothing” but for me it was.   It felt GREAT to actually talk about food that I really have eaten, or will eat, or will try.  She gave me a great suggestion of hummus on my next sandwich 🙂 Yummmmm, i love both , sandwiches and hummus, can NOT go wrong!

3.  Support.

I am amazed by the support from my friends and family.  Yup, I feel wacky and crazy for wanting to move.  I know it seems quick, but it is something I really want to do and try (with the fact that I know I can always come back!)  It is nice to have their love, support, help and guidance.  They are ALL getting me super excited about this!! I can barely sit in my chair!


I just keep thinking about how AWESOME family functions can and WILL be!! It will be the perfect opportunity to get together and celebrate, we will “live” right across from each other, just a beautiful pool between us.  I am already thinking about the one weekend (or more) per month that my mom will come and visit.  We will drink wine, eat yummy food, relax and read, just like we did this week.

The past few years held a lot of loss and sadness for our family……….we deserve to have some happiness once again!

I feel an annual Myrtle Beach Perogie Party in the near future!!


4.  Gift for self….First Day Of School.

I picked up this cute little tabbed notebook for Back to School tomorrow.  My day will be packed with conferences, learning new systems, new students, planning, organizing……….I want to stay organized in style ! 🙂

Carolina Pad 8.6x6.5 It's a Shore Thing Twin Wire Notebook

5.First Day of School Gift for my kiddos

Stress Balls

DIY stress balls-can use rice, conrstarch, flour, beans...etc! Double over the balloons to make more sturdy..

We will talk about how instead of getting angry and hitting, throwing, screaming, we can squeeze our silly stress balls instead 🙂

6.  Orange is the New Black

I am on chapter 16.  Loving it, still. I can NOT believe a book has my attention! I guess the fact that it is an audiobook helps (I usually fall asleep QUICKLY reading).  I really do have a different perspective on jail…..I almost feel sick to my stomach when I am tuned in to this book. I almost feel like I am in , or going to jail.  Piper makes it so life like and real, and it makes me so grateful for my freedom.  It almost makes me feel as if she does not deserve to be in prison, at all…..It is beautiful to see the strong friendships grow, I wonder if they will continue to remain friends on the “outside”, I wonder if Piper’s fiance will stay with her…..I am hooked !

7 .  Golfing.  Yup, I am excited to try it.  It may be JUST the thing for me!  It seems pretty relaxing……

8.  Self Serve Pet Wash!

Woaaaaaaaaaaah! This was SUPER cool and easy!  Pets Supplies Plus offers a do it yourself pet washing service!! I tried it today with Lily.  Its pretty amazing, and completely worth the $10.70  (FYI there is a FREE coupon floating around, get your hands on one and try it out!)

You get your choice of 4 different shampoos, two basins to choose from, an apron for yourself, a great hose for shampooing and rinsing AND a dryer!! Its awesome!

The best part?  No mess in YOUR house or YOUR tub!  After a wet hike, or swim, I will def. be taking Lily here!

PS- Lucy! Your NEXT!! Enjoy!!

9.  Gratitude.

Do you give yourself credit and see the GOOD in your life? Or do you constantly compare yourself to others and wish you had “their life”.  Just remember, the grass is never greener on the other side.  The prettiest girl in the world……..has problems, the richest person on earth……..has problems.

It is easy to see things from the outside and lose focus of yourself.  Be happy for your friends, but never “wish” you were them.

I would often times feel like I was not complete because I did not have kids, or a husband, like many of my friends.  I feel lonely sometimes without that, BUT I know that it is definitely a possibility in my future, so for the time being, I will enjoy myself , finding myself, eating new foods, meeting new people and friends, gaining new experiences, moving, etc etc etc.  All these things are wonderful too. I know many people would love a day away from their kids and families and to step into my shoes, but just remember, LOVE what you have right now!

How to ensure that Jealousy does not destroy you

 10.  Pumpkin Spice is BACK!

At Wawa!! So it smells SOOOOOOOOOOOO good, BUT I have to admit, I just do NOT like it!! I could smell it all day long, but I think I’ll stick to my French Vanilla and Hazelnut (since they took away the Caramel!)


Also, Iron Hill Brewery is releasing their October brews super early this year!! I think many breweries are!  Just thought I would share 🙂

Your Turn

1.  What is your FAVORITE type of perogie? (Sauerkraut, potato, cheese, ??)

2.  Do you do anything special for your child/students on the first day of school?

3.  Have you ever golfed? Do you enjoy it?



1 thought on “Ten for Tuesday”

  1. I read Orange is the New Black last summer! Two of my friends recommended the series to me on Netflix so I watched it first and then read the book while heading to DC on the train. The series is loosely based off of the book. Both are good.

    #9 Totally relate. I’m in my early 30s without kids or a husband. I actually stopped posting on Facebook. In the past I would compare myself to what everyone else was doing and I just needed to breathe and worry about what’s going on in my life. I thought the same exact thing, my friends with kids would like to be me and just get away or up and leave whenever they want.

    Good luck with Back to School things. I go in tomorrow, Wednesday we have a staff meeting and meet the kids briefly, Thursday is our first official day back. Trying to get back into the groove of things but it’s hard!


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