Wednesday wants

I want to be an effective teacher

I want to collaborate more with other teachers

I want to have a better balance between work and school

I want to make sure to give myself time to unwind and not think about my day at school

I want to be able to say no when I am overwhelmed

I want to be okay with not having everything perfect

I want to slow down and start at the beginning and keep things simple

I want to whiten my teeth

I want the world to know that I don’t really miss running (and I don’t want to feel ashamed or guilty about that)

I all of a sudden want a Boston cream donut

I want to start brewing my own coffee and order home delivery of the newspaper so I can sleep a little longer and not have to go to WAWA each morning

I want to buy a cool, fresh, new pack of crayons and color in a coloring book like I was five again

I want to get lily a Halloween costume

I want to try my new overnight oat recipes, peaches and cream, pear and apple cinnamon! Yum, can’t wait!


I want to go hiking with my dad and dogs on Saturday

I want to spend the day with my Mom on Sunday 


I want…….TO HEAR FROM YOU!!!!



1.   Do you have a halloween costume idea for your child, self or pet?

2.  What is your favorite type of donut?

3.  What would make YOU feel like a kid again?


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