Friday Faves!

Its F-R-I-D-A-Y!!!!!  (((Do the Friddddddddday dance, do the Fridddddddddddday dance)

It was a crazy, hectic, pretty AWESOME week back to school.  So here are some of my Friday Faves:

1.  Favorite Meal:  Breakfast foods.  (I prefer sweet vs. savory for breakfast!)

I can NOT stop thinking about breakfast.  Its the highlight of my day (wow, pretty pathetic huh!?)  SO by now you are all well aware of my addiction  love of overnight oats and oatmeal, so I have just ONE more easy, basic recipe to share with you (You can add anything you’d like, this is a great basic recipe!!)

healthy overnight oats

french toast mmmmmmmmm (giving this a try over the weekend!)

Other favorite recipes:

beet chips with rosemary

cinnamon pumpkin waffles


Spaghetti squash lasagna bowls

sneaky meatballs

2.  Favorite month for……YOGA! September is National Yoga Month!  How will you celebrate?


I am going to try a little routine before bed, maybe it will help me sleep!

3. Favorite reads:  

My horoscope surprisingly has been SOOO accurate and positive ALL week! I am loving it!!  Today I got a little note notifying me that, the devil card was in my “reading”.  OK, I am a firm believer that you make your own happiness, BUT I really enjoy these little things because they cause me to think and question my life. So here is my thought for the day:

Addiction And The Devil Card

Tarot Card

When The Devil appears in your reading, stop and ask yourself whether you feel in control, whether the emotions and sensations you have concerning a particular person or issue are positive and nurturing or negative and destructive.

Do I feel in control?  No.  My week has been crazy, back to school, life, decisions, etc etc etc.  I do NOT feel in control at all, however I am PROUD of myself for NOT trying to control my food. I continue to take good care of myself in that aspect  (gooo me!!)

Are my emotions and sensations positive and nurturing OR negative and destructive?  Great question!  BEFORE these emotions would be destructive, but I can honestly say that although they may be unpleasant, I am learning and growing from them and finding ways to cope, confront and resolve my emotions


3.  Favorite activity of the week:  Getting to know (Mm)e

So I filled a bag with M&M’s

I made this cute little chart

Had each student close their eyes and PICK an M&M.

The color that they picked = a question about themselves!

If they could answer it, they could EAT the M&M.

Granted, they ALL got to eat their M&M’s…….multiple times 🙂

Tons of FUN and great social skills practice!!!

4.  Favorite place to hike (in PA)

Valley Green

*Ok, so it is definitely NOT my dads favorite place, in fact his words were “You are crazy, I hate this”


Mr. Cranky Pants


Dad thinking “Jesus, and people think I am crazy………..what the hell is wrong with my daughter?”

JUST REMEMBER DAD  =  Like Father, Like Daughter!!

 That’s where I get it!! 




So much for our fun father daughter hike together. We decided to keep it more local and more FLAT



At least the DOGS LOVED it!



5. LEAST favorite way to spend my Friday night………lesson planning 😦

However, I would rather do it tonight than have to dwell on it all weekend

6.  Favorite buy this week:  Maxwell House K cups! (Not bad!)

My trader joes has been OUT of their k-cups. I thought I was going to have a panic attack ! (ok , not really, but  i was a little annoyed)  I tried the Maxwell house (because I am cheap and they were on sale) and I actually LOVE them!! In fact, maybe more than trader joe’s……..what!?   Oh my, its fun to try new things, you NEVER know!!



More Current Favorites……..

Coffee flavor: french vanilla bc wawa got rid of the caramel to bring in pumpkin spice (bleck!)


WAIT! UPDATE!!! THe Moorestown Wawa HAS Caramel Flavor Coffee, I REPEAT, it HAS Caramel  haha


Thing to do while driving: Listen to books on tape!

online dating message I received (Lol dying at this!?  WTF!?) :  “I would truly marry you I’m not joking I found love with you the first time I seen your picture 2**-***-**** I would totally love you to marry me and have children you are my dream girl tom”  


Favorite color: blue!
Check out this all blue town!!!!

 Favorite Fall Craft Idea (DIY)

DIY Chalkboard

Favorite Hostess Idea:

Friday night meatballs. I love this idea!!! I have always lived the comfort of family meal time.




Love the dog trio in the background!! I would love to do this with Lily’s pic!

Your turn

1.  Do you prefer sweet or savory breakfasts?

2. What is your favorite type of candy?

3.  Do you prefer to talk or text?


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