Saturday Safes and Saves

Happy Soggy Saturday! 


I am loving this thunderstorm! so peaceful, and it makes me feel OK with not doing much of anything 🙂  I like watching it out the window

It has been a rough few days for me. So many mixed emotions. Most of all , I am feeling very “un-safe”.  I am not quite sure why…….a lot of little reasons that are just adding up. My upcoming surgery, making people unhappy with me, feeling financially set back and strapped, feeling stuck.  It has finally hit me.  I am an adult.  I am responsible for myself. I need to resolve my own issues, because no one else will.  This is scary.  I am responsible for my own happiness, safety, assurance, confidence, and decisions.  I have made some tough ones lately. I am scared they are “un-safe”.  I know that I will never know unless I risk leaving my “safe” zone and step out of it………..Just like with food.  My SAFE foods have always been ok.  However, how un fulfilling it was to eat the same thing over and over again. I even convinced myself that I liked it!  I liked the control and routine of it , the “safeness”.  It is uncomfortable stepping out of the safe zone.  I am not sure what lies ahead, but I do have some great friends and family that I know will help make me feel safe once again. I suppose I am responsible for my own safety too …..I am scared to trust people.  Sometimes I feel alone because I am not sure who to trust…..I guess I need to focus on trusting MYSELF more….


Safe:  Stop Caring What Other People Think

I really need to do this.  I feel like my students are a reflection of the kind of teacher I am.  I overwhelm myself by trying to make ALL my lessons meaningful and FUN for my students and staff.  Its hard.  Its draining.  I need to just do the BEST I can.  I spent the past 4 hours working on lesson plans, trying to perfect them, this does not include the hours I spent last night AND the time during my prep, morning, afterschool……I need to STOP doing this to myself

Save:  Currently craving Tuna Casserole! 

Creamy pea and fresh herb fettuccine (click through for recipe)

I would settle for this though 

Safe:  Excuses and Lies and how to stop!

This was a great read!  I find I feel best when I GET THINGS DONE.  I just need to find the proper balance because I tend to over do it at times (see above Safe!)   I try to do things as the pop into my head, and try to focus on ONE thing at a time. It is HARD y’all!!

Save:  Geez, to stinkin cute!! I am just aiding my coffee addiction….

Vintage copper letter DIY

Safe:  Buying local produce, fish, meat, etc.

read this before buying fish

Its scary.  While in SC with my mom, we decided to make fish for dinner one night. Wow, they ALL looked so delicious and fresh! Yum, BUT then I started reading the small print next to the GREAT price “From China”…..eh, how fresh can that fish be? How good can it be for me? What did they put IN IT to preserve it?  Hmmmm…….for double the price, we were able to get some local caught fish, MUCH better option. I felt good putting the better choice into my body and my moms.  I deserve it.


Save: Forever 21 New Barbie Collection

Will you be wearing it this year??

Safe:  I love this!! (From a beautiful mess blog)

Giant tiled photo art


Safe:  Kind of obsessed with these two things….



Save: I need to get some cool, cute, new PENS!

Safe:  GOOD soap from Whole Foods

I absolutely LOVE this stuff! Smells so good!!  I am out and need more, not sure which scent to go with….

$2.50 each or 3 for $6

Save:  Next hair cut idea

This is one of the most requested colors & cuts all year round! A natural looking beige blonde base with bright buttery blonde highlights and a piecey long bob with minimal long layers that help create that "lived in" look. We love it as a fresh summer look! Box No. 216

Michael, do you think you can do it?!?!?!

Safe:  9 ways to care for yourself when recovering from an Eating Disorder

My Favorite:

#4. Do something different than what feels right and normal in your routine.

Eating disorders thrive on scaring you into thinking if you do something different, the world will end. Try ordering at a restaurant without Googling the nutritional info. Try skipping the gym for one day and seeing what happens. Try giving yourself permission to indulge in the brownie without beating yourself up, or try sitting with the discomfort of bingeing and refraining from purging (despite what your eating disorder is telling you to do). Try moving to SOUTH CAROLINA!  (haha, I added that one!)

Save:  Pie Sundae Social

Pie Sundae Social // take a megabite

 Your Turn

1.  Do you like to entertain?

2.  Where did you meet your SO? (significant other)

3.  How many states have you lived in ?

5 thoughts on “Saturday Safes and Saves”

  1. 1. Do you like to entertain? Yes. I started a pumpkin carving party two years ago. I also do a cookie swap in December each year and a summer book club at my house.

    2. Where did you meet your SO? (significant other) – not currently dating anyone

    3. How many states have you lived in ? Just NJ. I’ve visited Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland/D.C. border, North Carolina, South Carolina, Illinois, and Florida though.


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