Weekend Update and Week Ahead

I am excited and nervous for the week ahead.  It seems like things are happening SO fast, all at once. This week is hectic for me and in a way, I kind of can NOT wait for it to be over…..I feel SO anxious. I feel bad for those that are close to me. I hope I am not affecting them!

 Weekend Recap:

My weekend was pretty uneventful.  I did not plan much, jam pack it, or over exert myself.  It was weird, but good.  I was still extremely productive but instead of physically exhausting myself, I did more so mentally.  I took care of many phone calls I have been putting off forever…..I am really becoming an adult. I am realizing, if I DO NOT do it, no one will.  I have to tackle my problems right away instead of ignoring them and hoping they go away……The don’t, they won’t…..and all it leaves me is stressed out.  Better to just deal with whatever it is and get it done and over with.  I am learning. I am growing. I am becoming and adult.

Are You an Adult ? (Quiz!)

59 signs you quite possibly are an adult

I did get to go on a hike with my dad and dogs, which was surprisingly still very nice, although dad did not enjoy it.  My legs and butt were actually sore today from the huge hills….I do not know how my dad did it!  IMG_3217

I loved enjoying our coffee and breakfast in the car on the way to our hike.  Dad LOVED his french toast egg and cheese sandwich!

Also, my dad and I both have the same bladder . Quite honestly I am NOT sure who went more!!


This morning I went to yoga with my mom AND my favorite yogi, Debbie!! I absolutely LOVE her class. She is amazing, so gentle, yet so challenging….I felt so relaxed during and after class!! NAMASTE!


After yoga, we picked up dad and all went out to LUNCH together.

IMG_3224.JPG It was sooooooooooo nice!! We talked about all sorts of things, we talked about how our meals tasted, we talked about expectations of each other (I asked my dad to NOT leave the table and disappear for long periods of time during our lunch together, which usually occurs)  By talking and asking for things, PEOPLE understand. If you do not voice your thoughts, people can NOT read them!! Its difficult to comprehend, but it is true!! Be honest. Be open.  Be sincere.

Mom and Dad started off with the mushroom soup:


Dad:  “The mushrooms are so tender, I would get this again, best soup I ever had”


Mom:  “This is so good and so fresh tasting, Diana you would love this, Do you want to try it”


Me:  “No Thanks” ………I have a “thing” with trying, eating off people’s plates. It GROSSES me out!! Always have, always will!! (not an ED thing!)

I got a Greek Salad with feta, tomatoes, onion, olives, chicken, cucumbers and other goodies.  I have been DYING to try olives….I was NOT a fan of these, HOWEVER I will not let that deter me!! I will stop by an olive bar and pick a few to taste!  I think I will like the right ones.  These were very salty and actually would have destroyed my salad if I ate them with it.


Mom got the Turkey Burger with the “best fries ever!”  She loved it all! Especially the fries!!




Dad got the shrimp and veggie stir fry , much to my surprise, he LOVED it.  You see, dad is a very typical pollack , meat and potatoes or he is unhappy, So it was nice to see him try something NEW and actually enjoy it!



Monday :


Prep my classroom for the week……No matter HOW early I arrive, I am NEVER done 😦  Welcome to my world of special education and differentiation.  However I find really prepping myself makes it so much more meaningful for myself and my students

70% of teachers do an “all nighter”……….

six teachers on a typical work day

Possibly introduce a yoga routine to my students……They absolutely LOVE it, I just need to find a way to easily integrate it daily

How I Introduce Yoga to children

I currently have a fun coloring picture book with easy yoga poses. We learn a new one daily, oolor it in  and add it to our routine

I also LOVE the cosmic kids video’s on youtube. They are super fun and cute. The kids love them!

I also received a yoga download gift membership from a parent last year.  They have tons of kids videos ! I will have to give it a try again. The last attempt was not very successful, the kids lost interest quickly.

My final yoga comment………..I finally received this Yoga Garden game, I am super excited to try it out!! I will let you know how it goes!

Staff meeting – Maybe we will get time to work in the classroom!?!?!


Lesson plans due:  8:30 am SHARP!


Back to school night – What !?!? Already!!!

I usually do a powerpoint.  This year, I just do NOT have the energy.  I WILL definitely be introducing my new social skills curriculum that I feel is SUPER important to my students and their families!!!

I want to check into getting Nationally Board Certified in teaching (Thank YOU Lindsay!!)


Meet with realtor!

100 killer tips for selling your house

Staging to sell


Surgery – prob resting most of the day 🙂


Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Friday, my week is finished!!!!  Not sure what I will be doing yet, but something relaxing, maybe yoga, maybe dinner alone, maybe take Lily for a walk!?  Who knows, and I am NOT making any plans………yet 🙂


Me time

THEN babysitting two little cuties!!! xoxoxo I can NOT wait!!


Something for me!!



 Your Turn

1.  How do you prep for the week at home? at work?

2.  How do you feel about Football starting?  (happy, indifferent, football?! whats that???)

3.  What do you do to unwind after work?







4 thoughts on “Weekend Update and Week Ahead”

  1. A little late, but to answer your questions, my prep for work includes clothes planning and lunch planning, it makes the day so much better when both are just right! Pretty indifferent about football, but football is also associated with the changing seasons and there’s a lot to love about fall. To unwind after work, definitely bra off and comfy clothes, first thing! Then, hanging out with the pets, they take away a lot of the stress from the day.


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