Ten for Tuesday

1. Mommies! Or kids at heart (like me with my love of peanut butter and banana sandwiches). Looking for some good lunch ideas for your kiddos!? These are great!

2. Uh oh. New season of American Horror Story! Will you watch? ( I watched and loved the first season, then stopped)
More info about new season!

3. Dating!
Such a cute idea! I never heard of this! Try it out and share your experience of a penny date

4. Sneaky! I love it.
Play based therapy

5. 9 air cleaning house plants

6. Seasonal produce. Yum love all of these!!

7. Why moms should write. I am not a mom but I find these so important. It’s so easy to Lose yourself!

8. Just have to brag about how amazing my classroom assistant is this year! She is smart, creative and so wonderful with the students!!! She has such a calm and pleasant demeanor! She is incredible! Look what she made for me today!!!

9. B good
Yum. Wow. Mmmmmm
In between school, dr appt and back to school night I was starving. I’ve been dying to try out b good in marlton And sure enough. “It be gOOd!!” My turkey burger with Swiss and fresh veggies along with the crispy sweet potato fries and green tea. Woah. Hit the spot!!!

10. Yoga. I really need it in my life more. This week has been tough and I feel stressed. Howevery students started today,,……look how relaxed!!!


That is all for tonight. I am beat. It’s been a looooong week and it’s only Tuesday. Yikes!

Your turn

1. Are you always clear when telling people your feelings? I never really was. I am now. What a huge difference!

2. What do you need more of In Your life right now?

3. What are you looking forward to most about fall?


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