Un-Manic Monday

I hope you had an UN-MANIC Monday! I definitely did!!

It’s funny how things become so clear to you.  Something that you deny and avoid for so long can become so clear when you’re healthy!

I have realized that my running and exercise addiction were a result of me wanting to run away from my  problems INSTEAD of facing them.

Life, problems, and worries are stressful. Life IS hard.  It has always been easier for me to avoid my problems then to actually deal with them.




Today I didn’t run.

Instead I made the important phone calls I’ve been putting off, I talked to some friends and really listened, I was relaxed and focused, I felt good.

It turns out facing my problems and not running from them actually makes me feel better about myself!   In fact it makes me feel much better. I always thought that my running HELPED calm and ease my mind. I was so WRONG.  The only thing running did was cause me pain, anxiety, stress and continued to make me avoid the important/necessary things in life.  Running was my enabler.

So here are things that helped make MY Monday Un-Manic:

1.  My students. I am so lucky.  These guys really make me smile, happy and thankful.  I am amazed by their hard work and independence after only a few days of school. It really is going to be a WONDERFUL year!!

INDEPENDENT work boxes – My students placed pencil erasers on pencils and placed them in a pencil. SUCH great fine motor practice as well as INDEPENDENCE!!!! Gooooooooooooo “L”!!



Sight word review, graphing, and following directions. I am impressed!


Using a sand TIMER all by themselves to take TURNS playing a fun math game on the Ipad!  


 I FEEL SOOOOOOOO Proud today.  I am speechless!

  •    My students need help with READING COMPREHENSION.

I want to try this book out!! I really want my students to find meaning and purpose to reading, and NOT just read the words!

graphic organizers for reading comprehension

Laura Candler’s Graphic Organizers for Reading (print edition)

How do YOU teach your students comprehension?

  •   Anchor charts

Have You Tried Anchor Charts?

Kids have to retain so much new information that inevitably some of it will be lost. When I forget something during class, I tell the students that it must have floated out of my ear. Hey, it gets a laugh! Oh, and don’t anchors help keep things from floating away? Hmmm, we’re onto something here: the anchor chart. An anchor chart is a chart that you create as a class. It helps to ‘anchor’ information in student’s minds. I use a poster sized stickynote pad so that I can easily stick the chart on a wall or window.

Anchor charts can be used for a wide variety of subjects. In my second grade class I have charts for synonyms, antonyms,homophones, and homographs. I also have one for ‘number buddies’ (numbers that add up to ten), and ‘number twins’ (i.e. 7+7=14).

As an example, for language arts I wait to start a chart until we stumble across a synonym, antonym, homophone, or homograph while reading or… well, frankly it doesn’t matter what we’re doing at the time. Let’s say we stumbled over a homophone. I get excited and animated about the ‘discovery’, and grab my large sticky pad and sharpie. Then, we discuss what a homophone is. Next, I title the chart and write in the homophone that we stumbled across. Finally, I challenge students to see if they can think of any more. I write their words on the chart also. Once we’re at a good stopping place, I stick the paper to a wall for later reference.

Once you have a chart or two up in class, don’t be surprised if a student raises his hand excitedly to point out a new homophone, synonym etc. Add the new words to the existing chart. Word of caution here: students get very excited about this. If you’re not careful they will start blurting other examples out and you’ll never get back to your lesson. Set a limit.

Anchor charts are a fun way to help students retain information. The charts can be used for any subject. What might you use an anchor chart for? Now, if I could just keep information from floating out of my own ears.

  •  Rainbow writing to help my students practice writing and letter/word recognition
I think i will take it a step FURTHER and use Smelly Markers to give my kids even MORE of a multi-sensory learning approach 🙂
2.  Ahhhhhhhh I love ALL of these!
I love spending time alone
3. This special little furry best friend (Do you see her!?!?!?)
On our way for our special walk today!  This weather is beyond perfect!


4.  Prepping my breakfasts and lunches for the week……..YESTERDAY

This is so helpful in making my Monday Un-Manic! (And Tues, Wed, Thurs & Fri as well!!)

5.  Sleep

I have been getting better sleep 🙂  I think I exhaust myself mentally so much during the day , I just PASS out at night

6.  Taking care of myself!

5 Ways you can!

7. This may just be MANIC

My parents BOTH got smartphones……….I apologize now for the numerous butt dials, 20 min long messages (because they forgot/didnt know how to hang up), random texts (that make NO sense)

crazy things parents text

But most of all…………I am proud of them.  I am glad they are trying to keep up and learn technology! In fact, it makes me happy that they both WANT to!!!!

Your Turn 

1.  Really admit to yourself something that you have been denying and AVOIDING for a long time.  Then TELL SOMEONE.  It will make you feel so much better!  (You can share it here if you’d like!! I do!!)

2.  Do you have to sleep on a certain side of the bed?? ( I always have to been on the right!)

3.  What do you enjoy doing alone?


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