Wednesday Wants

Happy hump day! Half way through this crazy week! So far it has not been so bad……thanks to the wonderful people in my life!!! I’m nervous about my surgery but deep down know all will be ok!

I want…..to kiss CVS. Sorry smokers. I am not a smoker so I know it’s easy to say , but smoking really makes me sick. I am not being funny. It really does. It chokes me and makes me queasy. I hate being around it. Please be considerate if you are a smoker

Cvs changes name


It was awful sitting near smokers at the beach.

I want…..everyone to fall in love with themselves. fIRST. I thought hapiness was sharing my life with someone. Maybe it is. Just the right someone. Right now that right someone is ME. I love my single life and learning more about others and myself.

I want…..to stay healthy even when I am crazy busy.8 Tips To Stay Healthy When You’re Crazy Busy

I want…..people to love me just as I am.

I want……to try Indian food.


I want…..admit outloud that I am a coffee addict. I can’t even say I’d love to give it up. I do not. I enjoy it too much. There’s nothing like that first cup in the morning. I know it’s not a healthy habit but at this point I am just unwilling to give up caffeine

I want…..to accept that my favorite thing to wear is shorts and a tshirt. It’s not very girly, but it is so comfy! It’s me and fits my crazy can’t still life. I like to run around and get stuff done. I can’t do that in heels and a dress. I thought I loved dressing up. Turns out I dressed up for others. This is me now. Take it or leave it


For the winter……







I want……to admit I felt ashamed today. Several times. Prepping for surgery I was asked repetitive questions again and again. The one I hate. “Date of last period “. Me. “Over a year”. Doctor “why? Medicine? Birth control?” Me. ” no. Low body fat. Overcoming an eating disorder. ”

I felt ashamed. I felt stupid. I felt embarrassed. I felt judged. I will get it back soon. I am getting healthier all the time. I should be proud and not feel ashamed ….that I am doing something about it.


I want…..to get off the online dating sites. I just get tons of bizarre , weird and inappropriate comments. Daily. Part of me is holding on to the hope that maybe some one for me is out there. Right now I am content and happy being single.

Your turn

1. Have you ever had Indian food? What is your favorite ?

2. Are you ashamed of anything today?

3. Who do you dress for? Yourself. Or others. Really ask yourself. What are you most comfortable in?


4 thoughts on “Wednesday Wants”

  1. Actually your point about coffee being unhealthy is SO UNTRUE! Luckily for us, they did a study of people who lived into their 90’s (started in 1980) and a common thread among them is that they had at least 2 and no more than 4 cups of coffee per day! Drink up!


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