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Favorite Recipes

Pasta with Fresh Tomatoes and herbs (gotta use up ALL of my parents tomatoes!)

I was completely out of salad dressing and did NOT feel like going to the store (plus i am not supposed to drive today, hmpf!) So I looked to see what I had on hand.  I wanted something Asian inspired:

Diana’s Lazy Dressing

1 ripe avocado (mashed)

lime juice

soy sauce

Olive oil




MIX MIX MIX and yum yum yum.. It was delicious AND probably the first time I created something using my imagination and without a RECIPE!!! ((((Gasp!!))))

Boston Cream Pie Oats

boston cream pie oats

Favorite Meal (This week)

B Good Turkey burger with Swiss and sweet potato friesbgoodBurger20140626_dn_g2food26f_600

Favorite pics of the week


Found  a great idea for intervention block this morning except I"m going to use picture cards for the children to match the beginning sound to around the table :)

So true.

must have this adorable!

Living room

HEALTHY Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie Pancakes! Our most loved recipe on Minimalist Baker!  #veganChocolate peanut butter oatmeal- Umm it's like a no-bake that you can pretend is ok to eat for breakfast!Blueberry Sauce Crepes with Honey Whipped CreamDo you know what's better than oatmeal packets? This easy bananas foster overnight oats recipe! Full of flavor and alcohol free.

The Town Of Sweet Pickles books!! ❤

pickles for kids pictures | Town Map For Kids The town of sweet pickles.

Peony Centerpiece | Photography: Moxie Pix Photos by Dana | On SMP:

Favorite Reads

Just when I was about to give up…..

I found love online you can too

More introvert greatness

20 Easy Halloween ideas (kid related!) Because it is almost that time! 🙂

COOL!! “Trick” wall paper!

What $1500 in rent gets you (I AM MOVING TO NEBRASKA! Wow!)

Learn to say NO !  

Check out this vacation home! 

Biggest risk factor for heart disease in women over 30

LOL Dying at these instagram food vs real food

Love this shirt 🙂 Although it is in VA

7 things to do this month

Your Turn

1.  What do you WANT to do in September?

2.  What time do you get up at on the weekend?

3.  What reminds you of fall?


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