Thankful Thursday

I am thankful that today is over with.  My procedure/surgery is finished.   Huge relief and big worry, next I go back 2-3 weeks for check up and then I will feel really good. Knowing all is ok 🙂

I am thankful that tomorrow is Friday!  This week was busy. Back to school night, late nights at school, realtors, doctors, running around. Yikes. I am glad tomorrow is Friday

I am thankful for my friends and family.   My mom was my designated driver today and kept me occupied during my long wait!  My friends called, texted and checked up on me.  Beata brought me the MOST amazing PUMPKIN SPICE Wawa coffee (uh oh, I have a NEW favorite!) and we talked and finally caught up.  It felt great! LOOK what she ALSO brought me (I just FORGOT about this till NOW! wooo hooo)



And of course, I have the support of my biggest fan. Lily ❤
I am thankful for my class this year.  Seriously. I am SO lucky. They are amazing kids.  I am so lucky , excited and fortunate.  I see so much good coming from this year!! So much growth!  I am really excited!

I am thankful for schedules.

The Autism Helper - Schedules

They keep ME organized and I just made individualized ones for my students to help them with independence, responsibility and ease anxiety!  If you would like a word copy of mine, email me! I would be more than happy to share!! They are cute!!

I am thankful for yoga. I am thankful that I will get to practice (finally!) tomorrow!!

5 things teachers said that really stuck with me

I am thankful for the courier post

LOL Yup. I absolutely LOVE this newspaper.  I look forward to it each morning! I will admit, I SKIP right over the sports section. That is the ONLY part I have no interest in what-so-ever. Everything else. LOVE

I am thankful for the presence app!  Do you have this?  Do you have a pet?  I can watch Lily from work or anywhere now. I can see what she is up to!! Love this little security cam, and I am thankful for Lindsay for telling me about it!!!


I am thankful for the opportunity to spend a night with these guys THIS weekend




AND then THIS guy NEXT weekend!!


I am thankful (and proud) of these two guys, Mr. Kindergartner and Mr. Godson 🙂  I hope to see them soon and KNOW I have a Sesame Place Halloween Spooktacular Date coming up soon! 🙂



I am thankful for finally not beating myself up for every runner I see, every running post I see, every race brochure I see.  I don’t miss it.  My body feels GOOD now.  I will run if and when I want to. I was able to do SOOOO much this week because running was NOT on my mind


BUT I am NOT sorry!!


 I am thankful that my cousins birthday is coming up and he will be OLDER than me.  Haha, I take pride in being younger than someone!!  Every year counts !





1.  What is your favorite birthday cake?

2.  Two people you are thankful for in your life? Two reasons why people are thankful for YOU!?

3.  What are your weekend plans?


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