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Un-manic Monday(9/15)

For Denise…..remember this for next weekend!!! (read link below!)

Why I won’t be setting a time goal for my next marathon


I want to thank Denise for our girly walk and talk. Lily absolutely LOVES you 🙂  Its amazing how many things people actually have in common with each other. Maybe not exactly the same things, but relatively close.  I learned so many beautiful things about my “next door neighbor”. Most importantly what an amazing and caring friend she is……<3  Friends and family are lucky to have her!

Un Manic Monday work task:  Buttons!! gah, those darn buttons!!!  I set up two buttoning centers to help my kiddo’s practice those fine motor skills. They did SUCH a great job!! So patient and determined!! xoxox




False healthy  I used to do SO many of these. I am happy I am finally being honest with myself (and the world) that my “HEALTHY” lifestyle was very unhealthy for me (both mentally and physically)

10simple things

#1 – Make your bed……….YUP that simple. It works. Do it. trust me, you will feel good. Bonus when you crawl into a nicely made bed after a long exhausting day…….those cold, clean, crisp sheets =   ahhhhhhhhhhh

(Click link above to read more)



Toxic Behaviors YUCK

Love this idea!!!! ❤

Evaluate any commitments Write down everything you’re committed to each month, whether it’s related to work, family, friends, or personal projects. Highlight the things you love, circle the things that are necessary, and it will become clear to you by the things that remain what can be dropped from the list.

If you are thinking about dating me, read this first (ha!)……

things to know before you date an introvert 


Speaking of dating………Yup still completely content with being SINGLE.  Wow, a year ago you would have NEVER heard me say that. I am happy. I am not jealous. I am not uncomfortable around couples or married friends. I am just………happy!

So important to remember that. YOU have to be HAPPY with yourself first!!!  


 Seeing photos of my new place, has definitely  made my Monday UN-MANIC




Living room & outdoor porch


fairy garden 🙂




Your turn


1/ How do you receive compliments that you do deserve?
2/ How do you receive compliments that you don’t deserve?
3/ What kind of compliments make you feel uncomfortable?


3 thoughts on “Un-manic Monday(9/15)”

  1. Love your new place! As far as compliments, I think they all make me uncomfortable, maybe that’s the introvert in me, I don’t want to be the focus of too much attention. If it’s a “deserved” compliment, which to me, also means sincere, I would simply say thanks. For any other compliments, insincere or ones I feel are not deserved, I would probably say thanks and quickly try to change the subject!


  2. I find it hard to take compliments, even if deserved. I need to work on my confidence. Tim says there is nothing more sexy than a confident woman.


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