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Wednesday wants

I want… possibly adopt one day


I want…..this bag (Its only $4,000!)

Celine luggage tote in oxblood

This bag is similar and $32.90 at Forever21

I want… get my car washed today!
(Ladies Day Wed!! Half price!!)

I want.….to tell someone in my life that I love them more than anything but I think they are a coward.  I want them to start facing and dealing with life instead of hiding and avoiding it

I want….to share with the world my GREAT/EXCELLENT/FABULOUS news.  I received an unexpected call today from my doctor.  It was during my prep time.  I was on the phone with my mom and an unfamiliar number beeped in, I put her on hold and without thinking switched over  “Hello, Diana? This is Dr. S, you do NOT have cancer”  He didnt even give me time to freak out, panic or try to hang up (to avoid hearing something I did not want to  hear).  It was like pulling a band aid off.  The best news ever!  I am happy. I have realized how precious and important our bodies are and how equally important it is to take care of them.  I am grateful for all the wonderful people and support I have had along this tough way.  I immediately ran next door to get a hug and share my news with Denise ❤  Make sure to make the most of out EVERY day.  Every day is special, beautiful and just as wonderful as a “friday or saturday”.

I want ….to make this home/school connection log for a few of my students, BUT on the ipad (So they can email daily!)  

I want… say that I loved “Orange is the New Black”  I finished it today!! It was great! I really enjoyed the “experience” of jail. It really has made me see in a new light. It just seems more and more like a waste of our governments money.  I understand that when people break rules there are consequences, but maybe not everything should be weighed the same.  The biggest thing I got out of the book that really stuck with me was this…………..THAT WE NEED PEOPLE.  I never thought I did.  I thought I was better off alone.  However, Piper made me open my eyes to how and why we need people in our lives to truly live and love life.  I am letting go of my fear of people.

I want ….. to start trusting people again

I want….to decorate for Halloween

I want.….to have a fun “kid date” with Holden on Saturday!

I want… have a sundae party

I want… subscribe to Cooks Illustrated again

I want.….a Jade EXTRA long yoga mat ( I am too “long” for mine right now! I need more space!)

Harmony XW Yoga Mat (28″)

Harmony XW Yoga Mat (28")

Our most popular premium yoga and exercise mat now is available in extra wide (28″) . 3/16 inch thick. Broaden your practice.

Available in three lengths, 68″, 74″ and 80″ – extra long, and two colors.

I want… thank my cousin for listening to my “text” rants this morning. Surprisingly it made me feel MUCH better just getting things out. Then I was able to re-evaluate my true feelings , after I cooled down 🙂

I want.….my mom to get her doctors appointment set up instead of taking care of EVERYONE else

I want….


Lily’s birthday outfit??? 🙂

I want… pick the perfectly “imperfect” pumpkin

I want… make hot cider in the crock pot (the BEST was at Jim Thorpe!  Loved it there!)

I want…..this cute little shelf for my toothbrush!

ikea hack 2

I want… dentist appt to arrive. I can NOT wait for a great teeth cleaning!! 🙂  Love that feeling!

I want ….. to hear from YOU!!!!!

Your Turn

1.  What do you want most from your partner? your family? Your friends? Yourself?

2.  What do you want to be for Halloween?

3.  What do you want to do differently tomorrow?


3 thoughts on “Wednesday wants”

  1. Can I come to the sundae party?!?! And look right now for lily’s birthday outfit bc ofHalloween. Use coupons from Joann fabrics they usually have cute kid and dog costumes. I know for a fact that they carry tutus. Thanks for coming in for the hug!!!! What a wonderful thing to celebrate!!!


  2. Great news about the phone call from your doctor! I’ve been in that situation also, and it’s interesting how your perspective changes. It makes the everyday annoyances or problems seem like nothing compared to your health. How old will Lily be? I think the hot dog theme is a great idea and she’ll look like a princess in her tutu!


  3. Denise, OF COURSE you can come!! 🙂 I had NO clue joanne fabrics had doggy costumes. Now im super excited bc i love it there!

    Kim, lily will be 3!! Big girl 🙂 so glad you had good news with your health issuues as well!


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