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Friday Faves 9/19

Some of my random Favorites this week:


School Stuff

Simple centers are the BEST.

Play doh stamping sight words and writing our words in sand.  Kids loved it, kept them busy and occupied and were able to do it independently!





We also read our guided reading books to some very well behaved stuffed animals





FINALLY broke open my Yoga Garden game.  I absolutely LOVE it.  It was a bit difficult to follow at first (lots of rules) but my students (and myself and Amy) quickly got it…



And this totally made me smile inside (and out)

A student asked another student to help him open his milk…….here is the end product 🙂



TOTALLY making these cute bats with my guys! gahhhhh, love this so much!

Hanging Bat Craft for Kids-



I love candy corn.  LOOK what I spotted at the store today!! Oh my!



THANK YOU AMY! Great Find!


Now I want to try this:

Salted Caramel Cookie Dough Smoothie -- cool, creamy, and ridiculously comforting. You'll never believe that it's actually healthy! ||

salted caramel cookie dough smoothie


I also want to subscribe to Cooks Illustrated again. Absolutely LOVE their recipes (and magazine!)



These chicken skewers look PHENOMENAL!!


I really want to try some PUMPKIN CREAM CHEESE


These women are very inspirational….I have to share these quotes on why they chose to be childless.  Just another reminder not to judge others. Just do what is best for YOU and let others chose what is best for them.

25 women on childlessness

This beautiful girl celebrated her birthday in STYLE this week 🙂  I am so proud of you Des!! 

I missed this wonderful, special and beautiful friend’s birthday on the 10th. I feel terrible. She is ALWAYS so good and on top of things, especially birthdays! How could I !?  😦   She does SOOOO much for others, and never looks for anything in return. She is genuinely a GOOD person.  She has taught me so much and I hope she knows how much I really look up to her……I look to her for advice, encouragement, hope and reassurance. She makes me feel hopeful and safe, not a lot of people can do that….  She is one of the smartest women I know.  I am proud of her and HOPE she finds some MUCH needed time for herself!



Speaking of birthdays………its this little guys’ big day today!! However he is not that little anymore !! He is 7!!!!!  (Look how cute!! OH MYYYYYYYYYYYYYY)  I can NOT wait for our birthday date tomorrow. I have 3 choices for him to choose from…..I wonder what he will pick!! 🙂IMG_0556IMG_0549


  • hearing a genuine “I am sorry”. This is such an amazing feeling.  It is easy to forgive , but not very easy to forget….
  • HAPPINESS/JOY/ALIVE!  When my Dr. called me with the good news! 🙂
  • exhaustion.  Reminder of how I need to take care of myself and my body, and not beat it up , mentally OR physically. Work has just been exhausting me lately.  Not really sure why?
  • love.  For my family. For my students. For Lily, even for strangers 🙂  I feel like I am starting to see the good in people again! ❤
  • hope.  I feel so hopeful this week that everything will fall into place.  I am hopeful that my condo will sell!
  • tinkle”…..  I drink too much coffee and water. I constantly feel like I have to …….
  • excited.  For the future and things to come
  • proud.  I am proud of Denise for being the athlete she is and running a half marathon on Sunday!
  • full.  I ate a lot today. A lot of GOOD things. I am feeling full. I love these moments
  • COLD.  Brrrr. Its a good feeling though because it is not too cold (yet!)  I am loving this beautiful fall weather!!




I am truly blessed that I LOVE to write! Here’s another added benefit to writing! Wow!

Science Shows Something Surprising About People Who Love to Write


Cute Dress for the holidays!

 YOU are the only one in control of your life


If you are unhappy, do something about it!



 Unethical Life Hacks ….Ouch!

16. Getting free food at Chick-Fil-A

I used to work at Chick Fil A and we have a policy where if someone forgets their wallet or card we have to give them what they ordered anyway because the food would go to waste. So next time you’re hungry and low on cash go to the drive thru at your local Chick Fil A and act like you forgot your debit card and they will ALWAYS give you free food. Just do it sparingly so you don’t get caught.



Your turn

1.  Have you ever done something unethical? how did it make you feel?

2.  Think of ONE thing making you unhappy. Now think of ONE thing you can do to change it.

3.  Who do you admire?


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