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Saturday Safes and Saves

Safe:  I love being single ❤

8 More reasons why being single is great


It is SAFE to say that I really dislike committing to something.  Its so weird, and I can not figure out WHY.  For example. Making plans ahead a time WITH SOMEONE will cause me anxiety until the event. I will actually dread it and not look forward to it.  It has NOTHING to do with the person or the event, I think its the scariness for me that I have committed to something and a fear of not being able to follow through, or want to follow through (What if I wake up next Saturday morning and do NOT feel like hiking!?  Will you think I am a terrible person, will you hate me?!?!)

I really want to enjoy life and make the best out of everything . I want to feel excited for things in the future. I want to feel excited about things I can not control.  I want to feel confident that people that really love and care about me will accept if I legitimately do not want to do something when it comes to it.  I think I am still finding myself, what I like , do not like, etc.  I am just going to ease up on myself and give myself some time…..


Love this color combo!



5 Pets With Extremely Strange Markings


10 Things You Should NEVER Give Your Dog


So cute, casual, comfy yet put together

Perfect fall outfit

Safe : Helping my students learn those numbers! (Great 1-1 Coorespondence!)

1-to-1 correspondence.

Save  Just gorgeous!




Save:  for NEXT summer

love the beach!


That sign!!!!! Fabulous laundry room.


I need to make some work boxes, so I stop driving myself crazy

Math centers and printables - tons of ideas & resources on this blog.


A dahlia a day...


Sweet potato, Kale and Shrimp Skillet - Quick, easy and healthy meal for you lunchtime. Gluten-free and super flavourful! Primavera Kitchen




Skinnies with flats

oversized shirt, skinny jeans, and flats

I need to get some great neutral flats, AND some fun ones!

Flats, skinnies, tights, boots, all my fall and winter staples!


Save:  Christmas card idea

Christmas picture with the family or couple in the background with there back towards the camera( showing depth of field) i think that's what its call

Safe:  Cuteness

The world’s cutest scuba diver! | 26 Halloween Costumes For Toddlers That Are Just Too Cute To Believe

Safe: I am crafting this for sure!

BOO! Just saw wood letters on sale at Hobby Lobby...looks like I better go get some.

Save:  For Myrtle Beach

DIY Show Off ~ Super Easy Burlap Wreath TutorialDIY Show Off ™ – DIY Decorating and Home Improvement Blog

Safe:  My newest addiction

Banana, greek yogurt, cocoa powder……mix ( I have inherited my need to mix odd things from my Father, thanks pop!)

Safe:  This is beautiful……I miss you so much Matthew

What it’s Like to Have a Brother with Autism





2 SAFE Halloween stories I absolutely LOVE!






Your Turn

1.  Do you look forward to commitments in the future? Or dread them?

2.  What would you describe your “style” as?  (Athletic, preppy, comfy, etc?!)

3.  Did you do any fun fall activities today!?


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