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Weekend Update and Week Ahead (9.21.14)

I want to be honest.  Weekends are tough for me.  I like the routine of my week. I feel productive, I feel accomplished, I feel exhausted by the end of the day (which I love). I prefer being busy than not……I do NOT know what to do with myself when I have unstructured/unscheduled time.  I want to learn how to just enjoy and appreciate it.  Instead of causing so much un-needed distress for myself (and others)

This morning I was hungry. Yet I had NOT A CLUE what i wanted to eat.  I fear I will never feel satisfied. I get scared that I will just keep eating and NEVER stop and NEVER feel full. I do not have a hunger button. I can not tell when I have had enough (or too little)  I want to just listen to my body and give it what it needs, instead of me controlling what I give it……..That fear prevents me from doing a lot.  I want to enjoy and live in the present moment more often.

Regardless, my weekend DID have some fabulous and very enjoyable moments. I do have times and periods of clarity and content-ness.  I just want them MORE frequently and more stable.

This weekend I ………..

  1. Walked and talked with mom and Lily ❤

Its amazing how good it feels to talk and get things off my chest.  I always feel refreshed, rejuvenated and positive after a walk and talk!

2.  Had the most delightful date with “H”.  I have not had so much fun in a LONG time.  I really felt alive and like a “kid” again 🙂

Started off with Parkour!

This was so cool!! Coach Jamie (from American Ninja Warriors) runs it!! Its an obstacle course based program for kids. It is amazing for building trust, confidence, agility, balance, focus, hand/eye coordination, etc.  I absolutely LOVED watching!! I really wanted to jump in and do it myself (especially the zip line!)  It was really cute.

The only negative to it was the HUGE group of kids enrolled. The kids really did not seem to mind AT all, however, just seems like it would be more fluid if it were split into smaller groups, it was a bit chaotic, once again, Kids did NOT mind at all! They all had a blast!


Then we shopped for my craft. “H” helped me find the right letters to spell B-O-O  🙂 I let him pick out all the letters, etc. He loved it!

Here is the final product!



Then it was off for our lunch date

Panera it was!

My “date” ordered the Grilled Cheese with yogurt pop and a lemonade, he actually ate MOST of the sandwich!! IT must have been good (It looked great!)


He had a special birthday treat, M&M cookie. The green M&M’s “won”.  He counted 14 of them!


I had the Asian sesame chicken salad , it was D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!

Then it was off to wander in Barnes and Noble. I had so much fun looking at all the Halloween Books!! I even found my two favorites!!  This REALLY put me in the Halloween spirit! 🙂



We listened to a Curious George story and had some Strawberry Banana smoothies!  We learned about different monkeys as well.  It was actually pretty interesting! I do have a slight obsession with monkey’s (and peanut butter!)


“H” decided on a Skylander book.  I was hoping he would go with a Halloween pick, but he IS the birthday boy 🙂

***What the HECK is Skylander anyway!? ! Every kid I know talks about it……….I am so old!

After our book fix, we stopped by the Mt. Laurel Fall Festival. It was HOT. The parking lot was FULL so we had quite the hike. It was fun though, we had a little nature hike along the way.  The festival was crazy.  Nothing new, nothing too exciting craft wise. I think we enjoyed the playground and HUGE hill at Laurel Acres better than the huge crowded fest.  it was still fun, regardless, and I had great company!




Our day went by too fast. It ended with a great big hug.  I really enjoyed our day together.  Its amazing and fun to watch children grow!! They are like little adults!! I love how creative, honest, and curious they are!!

Later………..I made

A fruit salad for the week!  (I really need to cut back on my spending. I buy fruit salads here and there and they are $$ and not even that good!) I



Finished up my lesson plans………..what a HUGE relief!!!  Not the most exciting Saturday night, but I actually liked it. Plus now I feel
prepped” for the week 🙂

I also, cleaned, did some laundry (washed, dried, folded AND PUT AWAY!)  I usually get very lazy, but I committed to completing it all instead of having piles of clothes all around


I got my courier post news paper (Great edition!! Wooo) spent time reading and drinking coffee 🙂 AhhhhIMG_3412

DES!! Please check this out, you are so close!!


Had a great breakfast aandddddddddddddddd…….felt like going for a run!

It felt………GREAT! Its been about 3 weeks. I did not push it, or force it, or overexert. It felt good and I am happy to see that I can still run, if I wanted to.  After I decided to do some yoga on my own outside and SKIP class, just BECAUSE that is what I felt like doing!


I stopped at Trader Joe’s for some staples for the week, I prepped some lunches and breakfasts and chopped up a bunch of veggies, to help me out during the week!

Then we went to a special Baptism for Adam!! He is the sweetest most determined lil guy out there!! It was a beautiful mass, baptism, and dinner with even MORE beautiful people!  It feels good to spend time with family. I wish we could do it more often!


I really enjoyed talking to my mom and dad on the ride home…….I ❤ them!


I read some great reads:

7 things only people that live alone understand

14 things secure people never do

Neil’s Knife Sharpening Service – yup, with my new love of cooking, I need to sharpen my knives!! Found this service, think its pretty neat!


Week Ahead

My week is pretty open (after work) which makes me feel a bit uneasy.  I want to make the best out of my “free” time.  Its difficult to find fullfilling, fun, things to do now that I am taking a break from the gym and running. I have so much more time, and I have so many things I need to get done, I am finally realizing all my running was really RUNNING from all my problems that I did not want to deal with. It was easier to run and exhaust myself than to do what needs to be done……and exhaust myself.  I need to make sure I start doing those things I need to do, because it is time to face life and reality and become an adult and GET THINGS DONE!

I plan and hope on making it to Yoga at least 1-2 times this week. I really need it…..I love how it makes me feel.

Keeping my fingers crossed for some showings!!


NEXT time I am “cat called”, I am TOTALLY doing one of these!

3 things to do the next time you are cat-called





Your Turn

1- 3 things you did this weekend?

2-  Do you like to stay up late on the weekends, or go to bed early?

3-  What did you eat or drink this weekend that was AHhhhhh-mazing!?


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