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Un-Manic Monday (9.22.14)

Happy UN-Manic Monday!

I hope everyone had a great start to the week!! Today is the LAST day of summer. That makes me both sad and happy at the same time!

I am sad to say goodbye to warm weather and longer days , BUT am gladly anticipating wearing my boots, boot socks, sweats and sweaters!! Bring on the apple cider!

I was SUPER tired this morning. Not quite sure why. I rested well and slept pretty good last night. I guess we just have those days.

Here are some things making MY Monday UN-Manic…..

Perfect start to my Monday morning……ahhhh

This weather!

Apologizing to my mom, because I KNOW I was wrong….

An awesome phone call!! I am full of hope!

Eagles WIN!   Ok, so I really could CARE LESS About football and the Eagles…BUT, BUT, BUT….Dunkin Donuts gives FREE COFFEE on Monday’s after an Eagles win…………So that is pretty much the ONLY reason I tune in to catch the score……hey! At least I am honest!

I Love ……..OLIVES

Yes I do. I was worried after my last encounter, that I would HATE all olives BUT yesterday I tried several varieties that I really enjoyed!!!  I can not eat too many of them, but in small doses I LIKE!

Seeing THIS beautiful, smiling face this morning at school…..I am SO proud of Denise for completing her 2nd half marathon!! She has the BUG 🙂

I loved my easy run yesterday………but what I love MORE is the fact that I do NOT know when I will run again next. Nope, nothing set, scheduled, planned…..Just the next time I “feel” like it again. Quite honestly probably not for another week!  I am beginning to wonder if a lot of runners struggle with running.  I feel like running CAN be healthy for you if you have the right mind frame. I feel like too many runners do it for un-healthy reasons (so they can eat more, drink more, prove something to the world, etc)  I want to believe that more people run for health and good reasons, and I DO know a handful of runners that are healthy about it, but I also know many that obsess over it. It makes me sad, because I was there and I know how painful it is…….Be good to yourself ❤

15 ways to LOVE Running

embrace mental AND physical rest

Recovery IS possible (this woman recovers from an ED after 20 long years of battling it!)

RECOVERY – Speaking of recovery, something personal I would like to share, maybe gain some insight…..Yesterday at a dinner I was at, I passed on the bread. Everyone else was gobbling it up, talking about how good it was, how delicious etc.  I really had NO desire to try it.  I was hungry, but not for bread.  I am sure it would have tasted good and I would have liked it, but I did not feel like I wanted it.  Plus I enjoy bread but try to eat whole grains whenever possible, so the fear and possibility of tummy troubles bc of the bread was also on my mind……..BUT my question is to myself. SHOULD I have tried it?  Should I have taken a piece and eaten it anyway, although I did not necessarily WANT it?  I do not know.  I do not know what I am supposed to do, am I supposed to want it? Or is it ok to NOT want things?  Help me.  I want to be “normal” again.  I felt awkward and out of place. I felt like an outcast. I felt uncomfortable.


 I love the idea of having handy dandy little guides nearby to help me out in a pinch (at work, home, anywhere!)

Love this, I want to hang it somewhere because I ALWAYS forget!

How to Set a Dinner Party Properly

NO matter HOW many times I see this, I STILL Forget. I need to upload this to my iPhone!

How to Determine the Perfectly Ripe Avocado

For my obsession with bows….and the fact that I can NOT have Carla in my pocket when I need her 🙂

How to Tie a Perfect Bow

For the kitchen

How to Convert Measurements for Cooking

For all the COFFEE I drink……

How Dehydrated Are You? (via Urine Color)

When I get around to hosting a dinner party…

How to Determine Which Wine to Drink with Dinner

**** I am looking for a handy dandy VB-MAPP cheat sheet!  I know I saw one floating around the web somewhere, but can NOT find it! Help!!

This may be helpful!


Gotta have my oats…….Thanks Amanda! Yum

Pumpkin chocolate chip overnight oats

My little munchkins totally made my day UN-Manic for sure. They all had SUCH a great day. i am super proud of them ALL!!!

I really want to try this sight word "Game" with my students!! It would be perfect! 

(Click the picture for the link)

Your Turn

1.  HELP me with my NJ/Philly BUCKET LIST!  What are you **Must Do’s** ??  If you had a friend visiting the area, what would YOUR top picks be for them?

2.  Do you have a healthy relationship with exercise?

3.  When is the last time you said “I am sorry” to someone?


2 thoughts on “Un-Manic Monday (9.22.14)”

  1. I think you were totally fine with the bread situation! If your mind was telling you that you didn’t really care to try it for the reasons you mentioned, then it’s ok! If you had different reasons, that were more “unreasonable” then it could have been the wrong decision. A lot of people try not to eat bread with dinner b\c it fills them up and then they cannot enjoy their meal and it goes to waste. As long as you are willing to try breads that may not be whole grains from time to time, then you are fine! Oh, and sometimes what people say is amazing, is actually overrated. Except, of course, anything that you and I make and say is amazing!


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